I want good water flowing through my plumbing

When I bought my house, I had a very limited budget.  My priority, was to find a house in a good location with a decent amount of land.  I was not overly concerned with the condition of the actual house.  I purchased several acres of land with a nice sized pond, lots of trees, and a gorgeous view.  Unfortunately, the house was nearly two hundred years old and in need of major renovation.  The electric system was downright dangerous, and there was only one power outlet per room.  Most of the rooms had no overhead lighting.  All of the walls were crumbling plaster, there was no insulation, and most of the windows were painted shut.  The biggest problem with the house was the plumbing system.  The majority of the water and drainage pipes were horribly corroded, and I noticed signs of water damage on the ceilings and walls.  Without even inspecting the system, I knew I had leaks.  The leaks were only the beginning.  The drains were clogged, all of the sinks and tubs were rust-stained, and the faucets dripped.  I needed to entirely gut the plumbing system, replacing all of the supply and drainage pipes, the water heater, tubs, sinks, and toilets.  It was a huge project, created a lot of mess, and cost me a fortune.  I could not handle the updates on my own, and I needed to hire a licensed plumber.  The plumber was really great, and helped me with the important decisions.  I was able to replace the tubs with standup showers, and update the standard water heater to a tankless model.  

plumbing tune-up