Taking a holiday in Colorado

Last month, my family decided to visit Colorado for our annual vacation. We had meant to spend our vacation in Denver, but as I was booking our flights and hotels, I made a mistake and placed us in Westminster. As it turned out, being in Westminster was the best thing that could have happened! It was a lucky mistake, since we ended up having a ton of fun enjoying everything that Westminster has to offer. Because it is thirteen miles away from Denver, we were able to easily access the city for all of the shopping, dining, or events that we were interested in. We could even get to Boulder easily, since it was only eighteen miles away.  U.S. Route 36 intersects with Westminster, so we never had to worry about getting from one place to another. The atmosphere throughout Westminster was really nice, since there were tons of activities and everyone seemed very laid-back. My husband’s favorite activity was exploring the award-winning golf courses in Westminster. There are two 18-hole championship courses: Heritage at Westmoor and Legacy Ridge. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to get my husband to leave those golf courses! As for me, I decided to spend a few days hiking through the gorgeous mountain trails. I absolutely loved being out in nature, enjoying the beautiful scenery and mountain overlooks. Our kids loved visiting the Butterfly Pavilion, which houses 1600 butterflies. They also had a great time with the interactive exhibits, nature trails, and gardens. Even though we were there for a week, we couldn’t get everything done in Westminster that we wanted to! Next year, we are definitely going to come back for a longer period of time.

Westminster, Colorado