There’s some dirty fixtures in my home

When I first got our house, I had a very small budget.  My top idea, was to find a beach house in a nice location with a fantastic amount of area.  I was not overly concerned with the condition of the total house.  I obtained several pieces of land with a nice sized lake, lots of trees, as well as a gorgeous view.  Sadly, the house was nearly one hundred years old as well as in need of major renovations.  The electric idea was downright scary, as well as there was only 1 power outlet per room.  Most of the rooms had not any overhead lighting.  All of the walls were crumbling down, there was no insulation, as well as most of the windows were painted shut.  The biggest concern with the house was the plumbing system.  The majority of the water as well as drainage pipes were terribly corroded, as well as I noticed symbols of water mangle on the ceilings as well as walls.  Without even looking at the system, I knew I had leaks.  The leaks were only the start.  The drains were clogged, all of the sinks as well as tubs were rust-stained, as well as the faucets leaked.  I needed to entirely remove the plumbing system, replacing all of the supply as well as drainage piping, the water heater, tubs, sinks, as well as toilets.  It was a sizable program, created a lot of debris, as well as cost myself and others a fortune.  I could not deal with the upgrades on our own, as well as I needed to use a licensed plumber.  

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