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I’ve been serious about trying a new form involving an HVAC unit for my property. The last time my active HVAC unit broke, my family was left without both air conditioning and heating for two weeks, and that was absolutely my worst nightmare. I ended up having to buy the entire unit replacement, and this bill caused a huge blow to my personal budget. I couldn’t believe that the entire unit would have to be scrapped when only the air conditioning section of it was broken. Since then, I’ve done some research on alternative HVAC systems, and I think I’ve found this great fit for my family’s needs. I think I want to find a split-system HVAC unit. A split-system HVAC unit is the place that the heating component is placed separately in the air conditioning component. This way, if only one of my units were to crack, it wouldn’t effect the various parts of the other unit and I would only have to replace one part of this. To me this system seems the foremost logical to eventually save me money on costly repairs. I would also be capable to clean each unit separately, making certain I got them truly cleaned up. If I were to wind up having a split-system HVAC unit installed, the air conditioning unit would go on one side of the home, and the heating unit would go on the other hand. This would also be beneficial if some outside force  created damaged among the list of units, because then at least we’d be left with one too. This decision will ultimately benefit our neighbors and my wallet at the same time.

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A broken heater and bad smells

Around the first of November every year I decide it is about time to turn my HVAC product from air conditioning to heating. That’s when the weather around the place I live starts to settle down and my house starts to get a little chilly. This year something strange happened as I turned my heater on. As soon as the heater started operating, a terrible burning smell filled up the whole house. I know sometimes heaters can emit this smell when you turn them on for the very first time in a while, but this smell was different. After running for 30 minutes or so, the heat went off completely. While this stopped it from smelling as much, it also made my residence chilly. I had to call an HVAC technician because this wasn’t something I’ve ever encountered with my heater before. When HVAC technician arrived at the house, it didn’t take him long to figure out the problem. He said there was a buildup of dust within the ductworks of my home, and that’s the location where the burning smell came from. He said my heater turned off automatically to prevent the debris from catching fire. I was so thankful that that happened, because it would have been terrible if the fire had started! The HVAC technician cleaned my home’s ductwork for me and sure enough, the heater activated like new again, but this time without the horrible smell. I am so thankful I was able to catch the problem with my heater and have it fixed by an HVAC skilled professional.


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I was born in the winter; however, my favorite season is the Fall. To me the Fall is that perfect in between season where it is not too cold and it not too hot. You can easily set your thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees and be comfortable. In the morning, it is a little chilly so on your way to work you can turn on your heater and keep warm for a little while and before midday and the sun has risen you can turn off your heater and set your air conditioner to low. The summer can be extremely hot and you do not want to step a foot outside or attend any event that does not have air conditioning. Without air conditioning, you become irritable and you exert all your energy trying to find ways of cooling off. I do not know about anyone else, but I do not like being irritable all the time. The winter on the other hand is just too cold. Your finger’s freeze, your nose starts to run you are constantly looking for a heating source. Yes, you can wear layers of clothing but then you become hot once you enter building and want to remove those layers. In the fall, it does not matter where you prefer a cool or hot temperature. You can live comfortably in both environments.  However, I prefer the cooling side of Fall. The air conditioner is blasting cooling your house to the right temperature. You can snuggle up under a warm blanket and just drink hot chocolate all day. The fall is just perfect you have a little taste of both winter and summer.

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Replacing the ductwork

My family faced the great misfortune associated with a small kitchen fire getting out of control and damaging a large part of the room. Thankfully it didn’t unfold much further, and our insurance protection covered the damages, but we were shocked to uncover just how extensive some of the problems were. The counters directly by the oven needed to be replaced due to the scorch marks and burns, our microwave, coffee brewer, blender, and toaster were destroyed, and the walls all needed repairs. The most shocking damage of all was what happened to our HVAC equipment. The air conditioner was running right at that moment and the return vents sucked up the smoke, spreading it throughout the AC ductwork. The smell of smoke persisted in this house long after the kitchen was fixed as a result of the HVAC system holding to the smoky scent and blowing it back out whenever we tried running the air conditioning. We called an HVAC provider in our area to talk about the problem and they recommended replacing the entirety of the ductwork because, no matter how deep a cleaning they gave, the material could still retain the smoke. They sent out an HVAC specialist to inspect the specifics of the state our HVAC system was in, he gave a quote on what the repairs would cost, and we loved their rate. After going through the experience of the fire and coping with the other repairs we weren’t about to let the lingering smoke hurt our home. The property meant a lot to us. The HVAC company was a big help and they were very understanding, fixing the ductwork to cut out the smoke from our air conditioning giving us back our home.heating and air system

I’m not sure if we need a new heater

I’ve worked for decades as an on-call maintenance worker on multiple properties. Essentially, if something breaks or simply a new building is bought by my boss that will need repairs, I do the necessary work to fix things up. From laying tile to new paint jobs, I’ve done it all. I’m a jack of all of trades, but this does mean I lack a portion of the more technical knowhow studying any specific area detailed would be. When I got the call a month ago that my boss had an exciting new building for me to venture to, I thought it would be a normal job. But, upon arriving, I soon noticed animal droppings in nearly all the rooms from an infestation. An exterminator took care of that easily enough, leaving me to undertake my work in the putting together afterwards, but it seemed the rodents had caused permanent harm to the HVAC system. I thought perhaps that they had chewed through the wiring within the basement, but I couldn’t see any visible trouble for the furnace down there, plus the air conditioning wasn’t working properly as well. I was forced to give up on tackling the problem on my own and had to call in for an HVAC technician specialist to come out to look at things. His assessment noted severe damage within the ductwork that was causing the oxygen to leak out and not effectively take care of the building’s temperature control. I passed the report to my boss who ordered for the entirely of the HVAC equipment to be replaced to remove the cracked parts and any possibility that the rodents had gotten into the rest. It was pricey, but my boss likes to assure he’s offering quality rental properties to his tenants.

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