I love the summer weather

I was watching an old western on TV yesterday evening called Wagon Train. The story was set in Texas in the summer time period and I wondered how people some time past got through the long warm summers without air conditioning. They didn’t even have electricity to run a fan. I grew up in the south without air conditioning but everyone always had a fan. I know what most people would say about a fan contrary to air conditioning, that all a fan does is blow the  heat around. But actually, a fan is an okay substitute for air conditioning. The truth is, if you install an exhaust fan within a window of the upstairs to a house, you can keep that area cool simply by cracking open a window within each room by about an inch or two. By this, you will create a vacuum that could draw a strong stream of cool air within the night through the upstairs that could rival the cooling effects associated with air conditioning. Of course, nowadays most houses have a fancy HVAC system that keeps your house cool by use of a painless thermostat setting. Furthermore, I am certain that anyone who reads this article is skeptical of the claims contained herein, but I am a believer. I used the exhaust fan tactic for many a summer in a residence I lived in. Give me a big enough exhaust fan and I will cool a house even within the hottest days of summer!

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I need to do some home renovations

I may possibly a noisy HVAC system around my house. When my air converts on, it makes a loud banging sound combined with when it cycles off. I guess I should have my HVAC provider come out and examine my metal vents and the ductwork as the sounds like it would be associated with them. It is more on the rattling sound than anything else. I had my HVAC contractor show up to clean my air ducts earlier this coming year and he didn’t say he saw anything wrong. I am afraid there might be a leak in my ductwork somewhere and that is associated with the noise. Whenever a leak in the ducts, it could make my air run longer and that could not just damage my HVAC system, but it could also cost me a ton of money on my utility bills. Actually, I know the last time I had my HVAC system replaced, my HVAC provider said he found a leak in a ductwork. After he installed the new centralized heating and air conditioning system, I noticed an immediate savings on my utility cost each and every month. I am not sure if that was a result of the new HVAC unit, or considering he found and patched the leak inside my ductwork. I guess I need to have him come out again so that he can inspect my HVAC system. It may be something simple like a loosened nut that holds an surrounding vent down. Then again, it could also be something mechanical in my surroundings handler. If it is something mechanical, then I guess it would best to get it fixed before something breaks down in my HVAC system.

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We couldn’t repair the system for a while

It can be no wonder that baseball is actually America’s “favorite pass-time”. As one of the best sport, I play baseball as often as I possibly can. I am on 3 different teams at present. Sometimes I am worried I might throw out my arm because I play the sport so often, but I have yet to become injured so far. However, my window is simply not as lucky as me. I have had a makeshift baseball diamond at my backyard for years. My teams loves to practice there sometimes if your park’s diamond is taken. One day we were practicing hitting when the best hitter on our group took his place at bat. I thought nothing of it and threw the ball. He hit the ball perfectly, and it went flying straight into my own window. Pieces of glass travelled everywhere. I was angry because but not just was this going to cost me money, but we were supposed to have the first frost of the 365 days that night. Frantic, I grabbed my cell phone and dialed that HVAC company’s number. It turns out that their technician was sick and may not come to repair the unit until the next day. I had no choice but to crank up my furnace as high as possible and hope for the best. I heard the unit commence to work its magic and I began to get ready for bed. The window that were broken was in my living room, so I was worried that the temperatures would lower to a dangerous level while I was sleeping. Somehow, I woke up only slightly chilled. My furnace had done its job and kept my home reasonably warm considering the gaping hole to the freezing outside. I had never been so thankful to get a powerful HVAC system.

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I’m happy my cooling system is working

Being sick is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, in my opinion anyways. It could be the digestive flu, a common cold, or something much more like a disease. The feeling of being weak and in pain while also knowing the cost of staying home in lieu of attending work is a horrendous sensation. Not to mention that sometimes you can actually feel extremely hot, then ten minutes later be shivering from head to toe. This symptom usually comes from a high fever. Luckily, I have a new digital HVAC system established in my home. That means, I can change the temperature from my bed or recliner. When I am sick, I hate moving but I still want the climate to be as comfortable as possible. Not long ago I came down with a cold that led to a raging fever. For days I had the chills and the sweats, it was absolutely terrible. I never want to be in that situation again with no immediate control over my heating and cooling system. While I began to sweat, I will crank the air conditioning on the highest level. Once the sweating subsides and I shiver from the chills, I will turn up the furnace. The bill will not even be a huge concern, that is how strongly I feel about being in a comfortable temperature while feeling under the weather. The fact that these controls are on my phone is invaluable to me. Next time I come down with some sort of unbearable illness, I’ll be geared up!

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Our cabin has a great heater

This summer, I’ve been living with 9 other guys within a cabin while we go on hiking expeditions within the area every few days. I’ve been eating all organic food plus the exercise everyday is getting me in fabulous shape by this second full week. I got here a day late so I got stuck with a top bunk, right next to the heater. It hasn’t been all bad, but this week it’s started raining considerably and the heater has kicked on a lot of times. It makes a random rustling sound very much when it’s on and it’s kind of bothersome because you need to talk a lot louder. The heater is on the small section of the wall structure, next to a door the spot where the gas furnace is kept. The guy on the bunk below me left his plastic bottle near the heating system and the complete bottom of the bottle dissolved. I’m really happy it didn’t burn, because the entire cabin is wood. We can’t have fire, or even use the fireplace without supervision because a fire could occur so easily and take out most of the area. I don’t know why people keep a bunk bed adjacent to the heater, because we usually need to leave our clothes out to help dry when it rains, or our sneakers have to dry if we walk in water. The heating system is kind of odd because it kicks on sometimes, but not really when we’re sleeping. It kicks on during random hail or snow storms. It looks like they need a heater repair before next summer.

HVAC supplier 

My HVAC equipment stinks

After moving from a European country to a very cold Northern state, I could not understand the reason that people in this part of the world spend so much cash and energy on heating. Where by I live, radiant heating is used by almost everyone. The homes within my country almost always come prepared with heated floors to counter the frosty temperatures outside. Plus, the radiant flooring is actually super energy efficient, without consuming your natural resources or putting out any toxic air into our local weather systems. Meaning radiant heat leaves the community intact for the next generation and where I arrive from, that is important to us. Then I arrived at this strange land, to find electric heaters, central heating, furnaces and boilers are the norm. Occasionally I find a home with the fireplace roaring. I want the sound of a crackling fire place, but I really could do without worrying about the extremely noisy central heating unit I’ve got in my new home right now. Every time the unit kicks on during sleeping hours, I wake up startled. It looks like the fan blades are rusted because the HVAC equipment squeaks when the equipment shuts on and again when it reduces the temperature and shuts off. I miss out on the quiet, invisible comfort with radiant flooring that I used to have. And after having a panic attack from my first utility bill not long ago, I miss the low heating bills I would once get, too. I have been given the name of a recommended heating repair company, in hopes they can silent my HVAC system better. They will be sending a heating professional out a few weeks. I suppose till then, I will just need to deal with a noisy heater.

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Thermostat control when pregnant

My fiancé Tara is seven months pregnant. It’s my responsibility to keep her happy and healthy. I’ve purchased her prenatal vitamins and all the food she’s been craving. But I also have her eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I make sure she does her daily exercises, and I’m always monitoring her temperature. If you’ve never dealt with a pregnant woman, you have no idea how important it is to regulate their heating and cooling. Tara is never satisfied with the temperature of our house. If I have the AC on, she tells me how cold and miserable she is. But when I bump up the heater, she complains about being sweaty. It’s very difficult to maintain the perfect temperature, so I talked to my HVAC provider about keeping her comfortable. I had find a way to stop the yelling. My HVAC provider told me to buy a smart thermostat. This allows my fiancé to regulate the temperature from the convenience of her phone. Instead of having me alter the temperature, she can do it herself.  Since then, she’s stopped yelling at me whenever she feels sweaty or cold. An HVAC business could have charged me 500 dollars for the smart thermostat, and I still would have bought it. Pregnant women are scary when they’re angry, so you end up spending however much it takes to keep them happy.

HVAC technician

Why is our home so secluded

I have heard a couple of theories on using AC or heat when there’s a space in a home not being used. Some people have said keeping the door shut will decrease the usage, and others have said keeping the doorway open will allow the temperature of the house to be more even and an HVAC unit to be more cost-effective. Since I now have two bedrooms at my home that are empty, I decided that it was time to consult an experienced HVAC technician. I am really only using about a third of my home and not in any position to move to a smaller place, but would love to lower the cost of heating and cooling. I called an HVAC service number to provide some maintenance on my system and to suggest some cost saving measures too. The HVAC tech checked both the indoor and outdoor units, ductwork in addition to vents. Everything was in sound condition, except my air filter, which unfortunately needed replacing. He had a filter with him, and suggested I change mine no less than every two months, perhaps a few extra times in the coolest and warmest months. When I asked him about the empty room theories, he suggested closing the door. He said closing off both rooms might lead to problems because the air flow in the ducts remains the same whether it’s being used or not. Since some of the air is not flowing through the rooms, the excess may cause holes in ducts, the coils to freeze and even major damage. The HVAC unit was meant to work for the complete house, so restricting it too much can cause more damage compared to the little savings each month, and that would be more than it’s worth. I followed his recommendations and saw a drop in the cost of my monthly energy bill.

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Castles with good HVAC?

I need to visit someplace new on my next vacation. I have no interest in visiting another state, since I’ve been to almost all of them from north to south. I’ve also been on more caribbean vacations than I can count. It’s time to explore new cultures where I can hear different languages and try new foods. I have decided to fly overseas to a country with fascinating architecture. They  have some excellent museums where I can learn about art history, but my group is more interested in their gorgeous castles. A couple of these castles are renting rooms out to tourists. Wouldn’t that make a great trip? Hotels are fine, but it’s more interesting to spend the night in a castle. My only concern is their HVAC system, or lack thereof. I wouldn’t make sense for them to tear a castle apart in order to have ductwork. After all, this would ruin the historical appeal of the castle’s structure. So if there aren’t any HVAC ducts to circulate heating and cold air, do they have some kind of ductless HVAC equipment? I think they would need a ductless mini split system to have any kind of hearing or air conditioning. Naturally, my business is worried that it will be too cold throughout the night. This would be horrible since the location is known for its frigid weather. I refuse to spring for a castle if this means I’ll freeze to death. I need to know if they have space heaters before I book my flight.

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I enjoy reading

As a small child, I spent lots of my summer days at that library. I really loved reading the books and watching motion pictures, but I especially loved that the library had cold air conditioning. I didn’t have any air conditioning at my own home, because we were farmers with no real money. The best we had in that house, was a small fan within the living room window. I really enjoyed sitting with the librarian, because it was cold, and there was a lot to learn and see. The library was located about four blocks near my home, and that was a straightforward walk for me in at anytime. I read every book I could find, and most people there knew me by name. I started working at the library when I turned fourteen. That was the age for working when I went to school. I worked five days every week at the library, and I was there during a lot of my free time too. I can’t imagine how different my life might be if I had air conditioning inside my home. I spent all those days looking at books and learning about science, just because the house felt like an oven from time to time. I still enjoy sitting in front of the air conditioner, while reading an excellent mystery novel. Since I have three kids in which are all teenagers, I get far less time to spend at this library. But that’s a positive thing since we have a great cooling system in our home.

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