Castles with good HVAC?

I need to visit someplace new on my next vacation. I have no interest in visiting another state, since I’ve been to almost all of them from north to south. I’ve also been on more caribbean vacations than I can count. It’s time to explore new cultures where I can hear different languages and try new foods. I have decided to fly overseas to a country with fascinating architecture. They  have some excellent museums where I can learn about art history, but my group is more interested in their gorgeous castles. A couple of these castles are renting rooms out to tourists. Wouldn’t that make a great trip? Hotels are fine, but it’s more interesting to spend the night in a castle. My only concern is their HVAC system, or lack thereof. I wouldn’t make sense for them to tear a castle apart in order to have ductwork. After all, this would ruin the historical appeal of the castle’s structure. So if there aren’t any HVAC ducts to circulate heating and cold air, do they have some kind of ductless HVAC equipment? I think they would need a ductless mini split system to have any kind of hearing or air conditioning. Naturally, my business is worried that it will be too cold throughout the night. This would be horrible since the location is known for its frigid weather. I refuse to spring for a castle if this means I’ll freeze to death. I need to know if they have space heaters before I book my flight.

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