I enjoy reading

As a small child, I spent lots of my summer days at that library. I really loved reading the books and watching motion pictures, but I especially loved that the library had cold air conditioning. I didn’t have any air conditioning at my own home, because we were farmers with no real money. The best we had in that house, was a small fan within the living room window. I really enjoyed sitting with the librarian, because it was cold, and there was a lot to learn and see. The library was located about four blocks near my home, and that was a straightforward walk for me in at anytime. I read every book I could find, and most people there knew me by name. I started working at the library when I turned fourteen. That was the age for working when I went to school. I worked five days every week at the library, and I was there during a lot of my free time too. I can’t imagine how different my life might be if I had air conditioning inside my home. I spent all those days looking at books and learning about science, just because the house felt like an oven from time to time. I still enjoy sitting in front of the air conditioner, while reading an excellent mystery novel. Since I have three kids in which are all teenagers, I get far less time to spend at this library. But that’s a positive thing since we have a great cooling system in our home.

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