I love the summer weather

I was watching an old western on TV yesterday evening called Wagon Train. The story was set in Texas in the summer time period and I wondered how people some time past got through the long warm summers without air conditioning. They didn’t even have electricity to run a fan. I grew up in the south without air conditioning but everyone always had a fan. I know what most people would say about a fan contrary to air conditioning, that all a fan does is blow the  heat around. But actually, a fan is an okay substitute for air conditioning. The truth is, if you install an exhaust fan within a window of the upstairs to a house, you can keep that area cool simply by cracking open a window within each room by about an inch or two. By this, you will create a vacuum that could draw a strong stream of cool air within the night through the upstairs that could rival the cooling effects associated with air conditioning. Of course, nowadays most houses have a fancy HVAC system that keeps your house cool by use of a painless thermostat setting. Furthermore, I am certain that anyone who reads this article is skeptical of the claims contained herein, but I am a believer. I used the exhaust fan tactic for many a summer in a residence I lived in. Give me a big enough exhaust fan and I will cool a house even within the hottest days of summer!

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