My HVAC equipment stinks

After moving from a European country to a very cold Northern state, I could not understand the reason that people in this part of the world spend so much cash and energy on heating. Where by I live, radiant heating is used by almost everyone. The homes within my country almost always come prepared with heated floors to counter the frosty temperatures outside. Plus, the radiant flooring is actually super energy efficient, without consuming your natural resources or putting out any toxic air into our local weather systems. Meaning radiant heat leaves the community intact for the next generation and where I arrive from, that is important to us. Then I arrived at this strange land, to find electric heaters, central heating, furnaces and boilers are the norm. Occasionally I find a home with the fireplace roaring. I want the sound of a crackling fire place, but I really could do without worrying about the extremely noisy central heating unit I’ve got in my new home right now. Every time the unit kicks on during sleeping hours, I wake up startled. It looks like the fan blades are rusted because the HVAC equipment squeaks when the equipment shuts on and again when it reduces the temperature and shuts off. I miss out on the quiet, invisible comfort with radiant flooring that I used to have. And after having a panic attack from my first utility bill not long ago, I miss the low heating bills I would once get, too. I have been given the name of a recommended heating repair company, in hopes they can silent my HVAC system better. They will be sending a heating professional out a few weeks. I suppose till then, I will just need to deal with a noisy heater.

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