Our cabin has a great heater

This summer, I’ve been living with 9 other guys within a cabin while we go on hiking expeditions within the area every few days. I’ve been eating all organic food plus the exercise everyday is getting me in fabulous shape by this second full week. I got here a day late so I got stuck with a top bunk, right next to the heater. It hasn’t been all bad, but this week it’s started raining considerably and the heater has kicked on a lot of times. It makes a random rustling sound very much when it’s on and it’s kind of bothersome because you need to talk a lot louder. The heater is on the small section of the wall structure, next to a door the spot where the gas furnace is kept. The guy on the bunk below me left his plastic bottle near the heating system and the complete bottom of the bottle dissolved. I’m really happy it didn’t burn, because the entire cabin is wood. We can’t have fire, or even use the fireplace without supervision because a fire could occur so easily and take out most of the area. I don’t know why people keep a bunk bed adjacent to the heater, because we usually need to leave our clothes out to help dry when it rains, or our sneakers have to dry if we walk in water. The heating system is kind of odd because it kicks on sometimes, but not really when we’re sleeping. It kicks on during random hail or snow storms. It looks like they need a heater repair before next summer.

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