Thermostat control when pregnant

My fiancé Tara is seven months pregnant. It’s my responsibility to keep her happy and healthy. I’ve purchased her prenatal vitamins and all the food she’s been craving. But I also have her eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I make sure she does her daily exercises, and I’m always monitoring her temperature. If you’ve never dealt with a pregnant woman, you have no idea how important it is to regulate their heating and cooling. Tara is never satisfied with the temperature of our house. If I have the AC on, she tells me how cold and miserable she is. But when I bump up the heater, she complains about being sweaty. It’s very difficult to maintain the perfect temperature, so I talked to my HVAC provider about keeping her comfortable. I had find a way to stop the yelling. My HVAC provider told me to buy a smart thermostat. This allows my fiancé to regulate the temperature from the convenience of her phone. Instead of having me alter the temperature, she can do it herself.  Since then, she’s stopped yelling at me whenever she feels sweaty or cold. An HVAC business could have charged me 500 dollars for the smart thermostat, and I still would have bought it. Pregnant women are scary when they’re angry, so you end up spending however much it takes to keep them happy.

HVAC technician