We couldn’t repair the system for a while

It can be no wonder that baseball is actually America’s “favorite pass-time”. As one of the best sport, I play baseball as often as I possibly can. I am on 3 different teams at present. Sometimes I am worried I might throw out my arm because I play the sport so often, but I have yet to become injured so far. However, my window is simply not as lucky as me. I have had a makeshift baseball diamond at my backyard for years. My teams loves to practice there sometimes if your park’s diamond is taken. One day we were practicing hitting when the best hitter on our group took his place at bat. I thought nothing of it and threw the ball. He hit the ball perfectly, and it went flying straight into my own window. Pieces of glass travelled everywhere. I was angry because but not just was this going to cost me money, but we were supposed to have the first frost of the 365 days that night. Frantic, I grabbed my cell phone and dialed that HVAC company’s number. It turns out that their technician was sick and may not come to repair the unit until the next day. I had no choice but to crank up my furnace as high as possible and hope for the best. I heard the unit commence to work its magic and I began to get ready for bed. The window that were broken was in my living room, so I was worried that the temperatures would lower to a dangerous level while I was sleeping. Somehow, I woke up only slightly chilled. My furnace had done its job and kept my home reasonably warm considering the gaping hole to the freezing outside. I had never been so thankful to get a powerful HVAC system.

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