I try to use the heater

I am not sorry to say that I love global warming. I am aware of Al Gore and his warnings about global warming.  His presentation showing the effects of the environments and on animal life was shocking.  Not to have any more polar bears is a sad truth.  However, I am very happy to have shorter winters.  I live very north and close to the arctic rim. Our winters last 90 to 10 months.  The cold is unbearable reaching temperatures of negative 20.  The change in winter this year was astonishing.  Winter lasted only 4 to 5 months.  It was less cold and I needed to use the furnace less.  Only when the temperatures were around 10 to 20 degrees did I need to use the furnace less. And, only now and then. Occasionally we would enjoy a  warm burst where we were able to turn off the heat.  We could actually go outdoors.  What joy, to be able to venture outdoors in February.  I am sure that people in the south may not like global warming.  They live in the tropical zone, where it is always warm and hot in the summer.  The cool air of winter must be a relief for them.  Cool weather must be an escape from the intense sun.  Most likely they do not need any kind of heating system now.  So the different opinions on global warming depends on whether you live in the north or the south of our planet.  I love the shorter Winters, the savings from using a heating system less and the ability to spend more time outdoors during the winter.  I say, bring on global warming!   Let me say that along with shorter winters, I welcome warmer winters with temperatures only plummeting to 40 degrees. Perhaps with those livable temperatures, I would only need a heat pump to warm my home.  Who knows what is in store for us regarding global warming, but at this point, I am happy that global warming is here warming our planet.

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