It is relatively cool in here

Once the weather gets hot here amidst the summer, there is no real escape. The sun is so oppressive and we almost never get any cloud-cover. I come across myself running from shaded area to shaded area, seeking refuge under trees or awnings or whatever else might be nearby. As little rain we receive during the summer, it looks like all of the water inside atmosphere manifests as pure wetness. It almost feels like you’re swimming inside atmosphere, but not in an excellent refreshing weekend-swim activity, but more of a drowning in the boiling cauldron way. So naturally, it’s absolutely imperative to have air conditioning wherever possible. My car carries a really fancy cooling system with up to ten different A/C settings. Particularly while I’m on big trips, I’ve noticed that there’s no escape on the sun. So I usually have the air conditioning running at full blast. Then, at home, I like a little bit of variety. My HVAC zone control is usually set in such a way that the upstairs is pumping out cool air at maximum power. I needed the air conditioning at night because I can’t get good sleep otherwise. Since hot air rises and cold air sinks, this way I don’t have to run the A/C as much downstairs in the living room and kitchen. Besides, the downstairs stays relatively cool without air conditioning due to the trees surrounding the house giving shade and all. But in the event that the thermostat needs to be modulated, it has a handy remote so it’s very easy to flip it on anytime I needed it.

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