My friend is using too much heating

I have a big group of buddies and I try to spend as much time as I can visiting, despite my long distance from all of them. Whenever I go up north to see all my friends, Sandra typically lectures myself and others about how long it’s been since I’ve seen our one friend Bob. I honestly try my hardest to make it out to see Bob, but it’s difficult to get there more than every more than one or many weeks. When I do go see Bob,him and I often rest at his house and do some dirt biking together; it’s one of the only things him and I honestly have that we love to do. The only space that I don’t enjoy is enduring Bob’s super overheated house. I realize that Bob’s in a colder climate than I, but how can Bob stand being in 85 degree indoor air all day long is silly to me. Bob has his thermostat turned up almost at full power, every single day. Bob’s oil furnace is typically cranking out warm and dry air, and there is not a single spot of the house to escape from it unless I get myself to go outside. I’ve tried pleading with Bob if he could adjust his thermostat a bit lower, but Bob is insistent that he needs that oil furnace chugging along at 100% full speed. I’ve asked Sandra before how Bob can afford it, but apparently he has an extremely efficient HVAC unit that allows him to do this.

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