Nana cracked her heating system

I love my family plus attempt to spend as much time as I can heading to see them. Even despite my long distance from home. At the times I go up north to see my immediate family, my mom always tells me about how long it’s been since I’ve seen my Nana. I truthfully try my hardest to make it out to see Nana, but it’s difficult to get there more than once a month. When I do go see Nana, the two of us often sit at her home plus do some stitching together; it’s one of the only things the her and I certainly have in common between us. The only concept that I don’t like is enduring Nana’s grossly overheated house. I realize that Nana is several decades older than I, but how can Nana live in 85 degree indoor air all day long is super weird to me. Nana has her temperature control cranked up almost at maximum power, every single day. Nana’s heating plan is constantly cranking out warm plus dry air, plus there is not a small corner of the home to escape from it. All I could do is I could excuse myself to go outside. I’ve tried asking if Nana could adjust the temperature control a bit less, but Nana is insistent that she needs her gas furnace pushing along at 110% speed. I’ve asked my mother before how Nana can afford it, but apparently she has a seriously effective heating plus cooling plan that requires minimal power and also she has free gas in her area.

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