Temperature control products

College was a very experimental time for me. I was subjected to a whole new world of experiences, independence, and exploration. In high school I was already into participating in musical performance. With all of the musicians around campus, I started playing every day. People turned me on to many music types and naturally there were new instruments I wanted to learn of. One day I got on a raga music kick and before I knew it I had a sitar guitar. It was slow process, but nowadays I’ve got a complete collection of them. They’re wild instruments but so fun to play with. When I built my house two years in the past, I actually had my HVAC system developed, specifically with instrument storage in mind. I have never been too sensitive to quality of air or temperature of air, so I didn’t have a specific personal preference. Wooden tools however flex and bend without proper climate control, especially under the stress of the steel strings. Being in a position to set the thermostat to consistent conditions is required as a typical guitar can have over 150 pounds of tension around its thin neck. So my HVAC zone control is locked directly into a constant 70 degrees with very balanced humidity inside instrument room. The climate control near the living room is set pretty similar since that’s where I really do most of my playing. We also get our HVAC system tested and serviced twice a season to ensure that my instruments are happy. Whether it’s the furnace inside during winter or the A/C during summer, it all has to be running flawlessly.

temperature control system