The heating equipment in our arena

I started getting back into shape. I was a decent athlete long ago, but I was bad enough to stop at the high school level. Therefore, my fitness dropped off as well and the weight I put on came as the effect of that. I finally got sick and tired of feeling like junk, so I began running by myself and even joined a community pickup soccer league. We play inside the local indoor complex one night weekly. We are only there to obtain a good time, but it can get intense ever so often since most of the people are naturally competitive people. In person, I love everything about it and possess no intentions of stopping anytime soon. I only have one problem with it right now and it is due to the temperature in the gym. Some nights, it feels that the heater is blowing hot air directly on our face. I understand we are older guys who get overheated while actively playing sports, but it is too warm in the building a few nights per week. I recently asked the manager if there seemed to be any way to turn down the heating equipment for our group. He said that he would ask the owner soon. I hope they can dial in the temperature in the future because it ruins the experience for us some nights. Even with the HVAC equipment no longer working quite right, I still love playing soccer with my good friends. I need to continue obtaining a better shape so I can definitely start scoring some goals and making fools of these guys!

HVAC system