there’s too much in our air quality

I try to see my family plus try to spend as much time as I can stopping, despite my long distance from home. Whenever I go down south to see the immediate family, our mom always lectures me about how long it’s been since I’ve seen my brother Marty. I genuinely try my best to make it out to see Marty, but it’s tough to get there when I only have a week to visit. When I do go see Marty, Marty and I often stand at his house plus play music together; it’s the one thing Marty and I really have in common between us. The only thing that I don’t prefer is that I have to stay in Marty’s grossly overheated house. I realize that Marty’s a bit older than I, but how can Marty stand being in 85 degree indoor air all afternoon long is weird to me. Marty has his temperature control turned up almost at full power, every single afternoon. Marty’s heating proposal is constantly working out sizzling plus dry air, plus there is not a single corner of the house to leave it unless I excuse myself to go outside. I’ve tried asking if Marty could adjust his temperature control a bit lower, but Marty is insistent that he needs his gas heater chugging along at 90% full speed. I’ve asked my mom before how Marty can afford it, but apparently Marty has a seriously modern heating plus cooling proposal that requires small amounts power to efficiently handle the air in his home.

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