This is how you clean a resistor

The blower motor resistor is the most important component in a vehicle’s heating, ventilation plus air conditioner.  The blower motor makes the tepid or cold air blow through ducting plus the interior vents.  The resistor is the element that regulates the speed of the blower fan by hindering voltage going to the fan.  It produces the variation of the setting of the blower motor.  It lets you take away the amount of air that comes into the interior car, rather than just having a blast of tepid or cold air the highest possible parts.  The blower motor resistor is situated in the middle of the vehicle’s furnace or a/c controls plus the blower motor.  It is always is the spot attached beneath the dash.  There are 2 main types of blower motor resistors.  The wire element is official for outdated cars plus uses large sized coils of wire for each fan speed.  Transistorized blower motor resistors are in with more new cars plus utilize a circuit board.   For the bigger amounts of vehicles, the highest setting for heating or air conditioning bypasses the resistor all over, giving the fan full voltage.  If the blower still is working on high, and it won’t operate on any other speed, there is honestly a concern with the resistor.  Since the resistor draws a large deal of power from the electrical component, it gets genuinely hot.  A blower resistor can fire up a section of the wiring plus then fail to do anything for you.  It is not terribly strenuous to swap out a bad blower resistor as a do-it-yourself project.  If you have a screwdriver or another tool, you can unbolt the resistor from the Heating plus Air Conditioning ventilation.

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