A date without an A/C-

Never again will I be going to what used to be my favorite restaurant. Last night, I went out on a date with a guy I met at work. I have known him for a while. He is smart, funny, and really talented. Needless to say, I was hoping that the date would go well. When he asked me out, he let me choose the restaurant, so I suggested my favorite taco restaurant. I have been going there for years, and it’s never let me down. However, when we got to the restaurant last night we had a seat and placed our orders. Immediately after that, we heard a loud booming noise come from the HVAC system. The air stopped flowing through the vents, and we knew that the air conditioner had stopped working. We figured it would take a while before the place to become too uncomfortable to stay in, but we were wrong. There were so many people there and the grills were so hot that the seating area became hot and sticky. I started sweating while at the table and I was extremely embarrassed. I could tell that he was really put off by the situation. I mean, what kind of restaurant doesn’t take care of its HVAC system? It seems evident to me that the restaurant manager had been negligent in not having an inspection done. When our food finally arrived, we were in a stupor. It was too hot to talk and the air conditioner wasn’t going to be fixed anytime soon. We ended up getting our tacos to go and rescheduling the date. I don’t think this is going anywhere.

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Camping without an A/C

In only two months, I will be embarking on my first major camping trip. I will be spending two weeks in the mountains about two hours north of my hometown. I am a little nervous because I will be so far out into the wilderness that if I had an emergency, it would be impossible to get help in a quick manner. I am going with two of my friends from college. We have all of the gear we need, but I keep suggesting to my friends that we take a fan along with us. I don’t think my suggestion is totally unreasonable. I am not used to going without air conditioning, and a fan would give us a way to cool down after long hikes. They say that it would be too heavy for us to carry along with our clothes, food, tents, and sleeping bags. The longest I have ever gone without access to an air conditioner was a few years ago when my HVAC unit stopped working for two days. It was miserable. I am used to have cool air blow on me during the night. I wasn’t able to sleep at all while the a/c was not working. The thought of not being able to sleep well for 14 nights is a little more than I am willing to manage. A battery powered fan would make our trip so much better. I know it wouldn’t exactly be “roughing it,” but who cares. I’m not trying to impress anyone by being tough. I just want to enjoy my trip!

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Smoking gas furnace.

Winter has finally made its way to our part of the country, and boy has it ever! The first night in which we experienced snowfall, we were hit with almost ten feet of the white stuff. As a northern-born kid, I’m all too familiar with the key characteristics of this time of the year. However, every once in a while, even I’ll be surprised when something like that happens. Given the unexpected, extreme weather, my parents decided that it’d be best to counter the severe temperatures with a little more of a kick this year around via our new and improved furnace. Unlike the wood-based furnace we used to have, there wasn’t a whole lot of extra things my folks could do to ensure our heat remained steady and that its source stayed in full supply. When their minds were set to do something, they sure were gonna try, though. The way they envisioned maintaining the desired temperature was to leave the furnace running every day at a little higher level than usual for most of if not the entire day. The obvious benefit of this approach was that the house would be toasty the entire time, whether we were at home or away. After just a couple weeks of solid warmth, however, that seemingly sound decision backfired–and nearly literally. One afternoon when I made it home from school before my parents had gotten in from work, I noticed that the house seemed a little smoky. Obviously concerned, I made my way into the den (family room) to check on the furnace. Once I did, I realized that therein lied the problem; smoke was bellowing from its side. Just then, my Mom and Dad pulled into the driveway. Man, were they in for a surprise…

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Expired HVAC-related warranty.

My wife and I inherited our current home from her parents. The home had been passed down from generation to generation and we were now a part of that long-lived tradition. Considering the home’s age, my mother and father-in-law were practical enough to upgrade many of the items around the house. From the roofing to the floorboards and other odds and ends in between, my in-laws were not so stuck in their ways like others close to their age and, consequently, chose to keep up with the times–at least as far as home improvement is concerned. Upon attaining ownership, one of the major items they had to replace was the entire HVAC system. The unit was literally on its last leg when they assumed responsibility for it, so their hand was essentially forced to get a new one. Fast forwarding to present day, the upgraded system is now giving my wife and I the hardest of times. For the past two years, the air conditioner has been essentially non-existent, which is quite significant given the hellacious summers we experience in our neck of the woods. Once we had enough with the lack of cooling, my dear and I decided to have an HVAC technician come out and diagnose the problem. The specialist told us that our air handler unit (AHU) was leaking profusely and that it appeared as though that had been the case for nearly as long as our issue had lasted. Since the AHU was still “new”–to us, that is, the wife and I were sure that the manufacturer’s warranty would cover most if not all of the costs to repair it. In the end, not only were we wrong, but we were in the financial “red.”

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My dogs deserve a good cooling unit

I love my dogs. I treat them just like my children. I buy them the best dog food and even cook for them on occasion. I had a building erected just for my babies. It is their very own bedroom, complete with beds and cute little water and food bowls. It’s very hot in the summer, where we live, and I was worried that they would be too hot inside their room. So I got online, shopped around, and decided to buy a small A/C unit. I cut a square hole in the side of the room and installed the unit. On very hot days I go outside and switch on the air conditioning unit to cool the room down. My dogs love to stay in their room. When it is time to go outside, I can’t get them to leave the air conditioned quarters for the hot temperatures outside. The air conditioning window unit works so well that, sometimes, even I like to spend a few minutes cooling off with my babies. When I showed the air conditioned dog room to my friends, they were in shock. Some humans don’t have rooms like that. A lot of people ask me where I bought my A/C unit, because they want one for themselves to keep their rooms just as cool. I give them the web address with pride. My dogs never have to deal with extreme heat again. I am so happy I am able to give my babies such a great air conditioned room. Now I need to start worrying about the winter months and how to keep the room heated. I know I’ll think of something, because my babies are worth it.

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HVAC office nightmare

I spend all day working in an office where I sit at a desk typing on a computer. The office is, usually, very comfortable. Outside, the temperatures range from the 80’s to the high 90’s, but we always stay cool in our building. Each of us, also, has a small fan attached to our desk that blows right on us. Most of the time, it is so cool in the building that I just leave my fan off. I even bring a sweater with me to work every morning. One very hot day, I entered the building to find the temperature inside much warmer than usual. I looked around and saw that everyone had their fans on and was sweating. As I walked to my desk, my coworker came up to me and told me the air conditioner had gone out in the entire building and that an HVAC service person would be repairing it that afternoon. I couldn’t believe I had to sit in this hot building all day while we waited on the local HVAC company to send someone over. I figured that I needed to make the best of it, so I took off my sweater, sat down, and turned my fan on. The cool breeze felt good, but I wished the air conditioner was still working. It never occurred to me how much I depended on a good quality HVAC unit to ensure I did a good job at work. After what felt like days, the HVAC repairman showed up and fixed our A/C. I was never so grateful in my life. Now, every morning that I walk in the door and the air conditioning is on I say a little prayer of gratitude for another day out of the heat.

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Garage air cooling

I am seriously considering putting a small, portable air conditioning unit in my garage. I have some great work out gear out there that I rarely get to use. I think I would use it all year round, but even in the coldest days of winter, the garage gets so very hot. I know the purpose of exercising should be to sweat, but without any air circulating out there at all, it is totally unbearable. You could pass out just standing around in that garage. There are no windows inside my garage so I can’t use that to cool it down. If I could, I would just buy a cheap window air conditioning unit and pop it in the window sill. Of course a ceiling fan is out of the question because of the garage roof. A friend of mine has a portable unit that stands alone in the corner of his art business. It runs off a standard outlet and never causes any precipitation. It provides the perfect amount of cool air for that little space and I know it will be enough for my garage gym. I think he ordered at a big box department store, but I would buy mine from an HVAC supply store that’s nearby. They sell everything you could ever need for a central or portable HVAC system. They service what they sell, which is important to me. I would not recognize how to service or fix anything involving HVAC even if my life depended on it. I will gladly call them or take it in for regular maintenance.

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HVAC success

I’ve wanted my children to be happy, no matter they choose to undertake in life. I have tried to ensure that their interests are diverse, so that they can choose any path they wish to follow. My oldest child can be an artist. She created sculptures which have won bronze and silver. Both of my sons went to technical college, and they both graduated with degrees for HVAC repair and maintenance. I couldn’t be prouder of my children, as they all three enjoy working in a career for which they will find fulfillment. When the boys graduated, they started making use of their HVAC certification. They both went work at the same HVAC company. I was amazed at how fast they caught on to every subject relating to the HVAC industry. My sons were the top salesmen in a little under a year. Still, I was incredibly nervous when they said they were going to stop their great jobs, and focus on owning an independent HVAC sales firm. They said that this HVAC industry is growing rapidly, because everyone wants to be warm within the winter and cold during summer time. There would also be job security if they branched out on their own. That was almost six years ago, and the boys still have the same HVAC business. They have already purchased two additional trucks to make repairs, and they have ten employees now. There are one of the more reputable HVAC companies in our county. I am such a proud Mom of all three of my wonderful little ones.

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Getting a newer thermostat

I think people these days are always too stressed. For whatever justification, I wish that more of united states would just live a little and go outside the limits more. The two people I see that do this daily are my 85 year old grandparents. They are so wonderful to watch! Living life to the edge and living to the fullest are their middle names when there’s anything they haven’t tried and you simply suggest it, they probably will conduct it immediately. Recently, they just purchased a smart thermostat with regard to heating and cooling system for their home and they believe it’s the most effective decisions they’ve made in a little while. All thanks to me, now they can also enjoy the same peace of mind that I have in the case of our heating and cooling units as well as save money. I was actually recommended for getting one by friend and I really prefer it as a great decision and thought it becomes a good idea for my grandparents to also get one. Though they are young in spirit, it’s true that they are not getting any younger, so I felt like this would be our perfect system for them to own in their home now. Now, when they are off skiing or at salsa night, they’re able to manipulate the temperature in their dwelling from afar with an app. The best thing that they enjoy regarding the smart thermostat is that they can stay in bed comfy and cozy not need be up from bed to modify it on cold mornings. I cannot get my grandmother off the phone about it and I think she’s truly deeply in love with it! Well, after my grandfather surely. Boy, I hope at what their age is I will have the same exact energy and determination for life!

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The ductwork can be destroyed

It’s time that I stop my girlfriend’s senseless ideas. Everybody knows that women love to shop, but mine apparently also enjoys being scammed endlessly. Countless times I’ve needed to bail her out of terrible ideas and scammy deals she got caught in. Still, it wasn’t until when I left for my cabin up north for a couple summer weeks with my family, which she contacted a fly-by-night HVAC fellow on spec. Oh how I wish I was there to see him perform his “work”. Upon my return, I found out which our air duct system was affected the most. I knew that she was very embarrassed and had really did it this time to me, I mean, she truly hit the jackpot with this one. I’m sure she had built up a whole lot of anxiety upon my return to tell me and wondered the key reason why this happened other than being scammed. So, I decided to do a small amount of research and found that possibly with this HVAC technicians experience, he had easily been destroying our HVAC air duct system. Surely, I don’t know everything, so I had to put a call to a local heating and cooling company for more info on the issue. I put the HVAC technician on the speaker so that my girlfriend may possibly also get info on why she should never get in touch with shady HVAC company as wells. All in all, we were told that really, the shady tech’s cleaning method was a little too aggressive for our air duct system with lack of support, thus, ended up collapsing the system along with being damaged. It’s so crazy to come back home from a great vacation and in turn greeted by such a substantial issue. Boy I wonder who will pay for this one now.

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