Camping with kids and the AC

During the summer between high school and college, I decided to work at a summer camp for high school athletes. I thought that I would get paid to do things that I loved, like play games, eat, and sleep. How bad could it be? I believe I underestimated a task where I would spend 95% of my day outside in the summertime. It got hotter and hotter every day, but I was unable to get air conditioning during the daytime. I would try to plan some activities that required a lot of resting, little movement, or even that could be done in shaded areas. This was difficult because I was  actually an active person and loved to play games and have competitions. However, the heat made myself and others actually hate doing that. There were particular  times of day that I looked forward to; 10:30am, 1pm, and 6:30 pm. These slots were the times that indoor activities were scheduled. When the amazing air conditioning would hit my face, it would be the biggest relief of the day. Those times were the only times that I enjoyed my time at that summer camp. The air conditioning was typically so chilly that it also made you want to curl up and take a long nap. It was really difficult to get up and leave it behind. Some of the camp counselors I was with would find a way to extend their time in the cool air, by faking injuries and illnesses, and hiding and avoiding strenuous activities when possible. This summer season proved to be extremely long and was actually the last that I ever spent this way.

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