Camping with the children-AC issues

One summer, I made the brilliant plan to be a camp counselor at a camp for small children. The pay was good, and I loved the idea of playing games, eating, and sleeping all day. I suppose I underestimated the part where I would spend 95% of our morning outside in the hot sun with no air conditioning. Each morning it felt as if it got hotter and hotter, yet there was not any flexibility to go inside as you pleased. I would try to come up with some activities that required a lot of resting, little movement, or could be done in cool areas. This was difficult because I was unquestionably a very active person and loved to play sports and move about. However, the heat made me hate activities and games. There were certain  times of the camp day that I looked forward to; 10am, 1pm, and 5pm. These times were the times that indoor activities were scheduled. When the air conditioning would first hit our face, it would be the  greatest relief of the morning. It was then that the whole time would catch up with me and I was able to unquestionably appreciate where and what I was doing. The air conditioning was consistently so cold that it also made you want to curl up and take a nap. It was unquestionably hard to get up and leave it behind for the oppressive heat outside. Some of the camp counselors would find a way to extend their time in the cool air, by faking injuries and allergies, and hiding and avoiding certain activities when they could. This summertime proved to be unquestionably long and was unquestionably the last that I ever had to spend this way.

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