Store’s indoor air quality

I worked as a store manager in a McDonald’s for almost 10 years. The hours were long, and it was a lot of stress because I had to be a jack of all trades. When I was hired, I didn’t know that I’d have to be a janitor and an electrician. On top of scheduling, completing inventories, training new hires, and working with the guests, I had to fix everything that broke down on us. When I finally left that job, I had ripped apart and repaired a bagel slicer, bun toaster, ice machine, and freezer. I never knew how ice was actually made until then. Water is continually dripping down over these little molds, which are kept at the temperature that causes water to freeze right away. As the water passed over them, some more water would freeze. Eventually, the mold will become filled and turn into ice. At this point, it tips over and drops the ice into the giant bin. It’s an entirely cool process to watch, and it’s entirely frigid when you put your hand within it. It’s also amazing how important filters are within an ice machine. When I was fixing it, it looked like nothing had ever been upgraded before. After getting some new filters, I put them inside the device and started it back up. In order to do this, I had to empty the device completely, plus clean out the giant holding bin. The dust that was getting trapped in the air filter was blowing into the system. This was creating dirty ice. The man who sold me the new filters said that they would work perfectly in a cooling system.  I didn’t mind fixing that ice machine, because it taught me a lot about the importance of air filters.