Date night cooling disaster

When I went out on a horrible date with a new guy a few weeks ago; things couldn’t have gone worse. I was enthusiastic because I waited a long time for him to finally ask me out. We’ve known each other for years through a mutual friend. He offered to take me to one of his favorite restaurants, an Italian bistro downtown. When the evening came, he was twenty minutes late. I was a little mad because we made a reservation and we were lucky the restaurant didn’t cancel it for being late. But when we got to the restaurant, I realized why. The A/C was not working. The place was nearly empty because there was no cooling system and the room was steaming hot. But my date wanted to stay. After both of us were seated, I asked the waitress if the air conditioner would be fixed that night, but she said sadly no. The HVAC company wasn’t able to come fix it until the morning. I don’t know why my date just really wanted to stay despite the fact that it was a million degrees at the restaurant and we were both sweating. I would have been able to appreciate it much more in the cool air. Anyway, by the time our dishes arrived, both of us were too hot to eat hot food. After dinner, he wanted to know if I would go for a walk with him outside. I said no, thank you. I was hot, and annoyed, and couldn’t bear to be out any longer.  When I got home, I adjusted my cooling equipment to a low setting so that I could cool off beneath the air vents. When my friends asked about the night, I was embarrassed to tell them how poorly it went.

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