Importance of replacing a filter–

I never thought I would acquire such an extensive knowledge on HVAC systems. However, when I bought my first home, I realized that I had a lot of learning to do. After about six months in the new house, I realized that it was taking the air conditioner much longer to cool the house than it should have. It would take nearly an hour before my house started to feel comfortable. After a little research, I found a couple of potential problems. This first thing I did was check my air filter. I hadn’t replaced it since moving in, and I figured that was the source of the problem. When I pulled it out, found that it was filthy. After replacing it with a brand new filter, I thought that the problem would resolve. After a few days, it still wasn’t cooling very well. I decided to call the HVAC company for some professional advice. They sent a certified HVAC technician to my house for an inspection. He discovered that the air handler had frozen up. He told me that this probably happened because I waited so long to replace the air filter. As the filter filled with dust and dirt, the air flow began to decrease in my system, so my air handler froze up. He did some cleaning and other light touch ups before leaving my HVAC system as good as new. Now I know that it is extremely important to perform routine maintenance and cleanings on a heating and cooling system. Failure to do so can lead to some serious and often times pricey repairs.

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