Garage air cooling

I am seriously considering putting a small, portable air conditioning unit in my garage. I have some great work out gear out there that I rarely get to use. I think I would use it all year round, but even in the coldest days of winter, the garage gets so very hot. I know the purpose of exercising should be to sweat, but without any air circulating out there at all, it is totally unbearable. You could pass out just standing around in that garage. There are no windows inside my garage so I can’t use that to cool it down. If I could, I would just buy a cheap window air conditioning unit and pop it in the window sill. Of course a ceiling fan is out of the question because of the garage roof. A friend of mine has a portable unit that stands alone in the corner of his art business. It runs off a standard outlet and never causes any precipitation. It provides the perfect amount of cool air for that little space and I know it will be enough for my garage gym. I think he ordered at a big box department store, but I would buy mine from an HVAC supply store that’s nearby. They sell everything you could ever need for a central or portable HVAC system. They service what they sell, which is important to me. I would not recognize how to service or fix anything involving HVAC even if my life depended on it. I will gladly call them or take it in for regular maintenance.

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