HVAC success

I’ve wanted my children to be happy, no matter they choose to undertake in life. I have tried to ensure that their interests are diverse, so that they can choose any path they wish to follow. My oldest child can be an artist. She created sculptures which have won bronze and silver. Both of my sons went to technical college, and they both graduated with degrees for HVAC repair and maintenance. I couldn’t be prouder of my children, as they all three enjoy working in a career for which they will find fulfillment. When the boys graduated, they started making use of their HVAC certification. They both went work at the same HVAC company. I was amazed at how fast they caught on to every subject relating to the HVAC industry. My sons were the top salesmen in a little under a year. Still, I was incredibly nervous when they said they were going to stop their great jobs, and focus on owning an independent HVAC sales firm. They said that this HVAC industry is growing rapidly, because everyone wants to be warm within the winter and cold during summer time. There would also be job security if they branched out on their own. That was almost six years ago, and the boys still have the same HVAC business. They have already purchased two additional trucks to make repairs, and they have ten employees now. There are one of the more reputable HVAC companies in our county. I am such a proud Mom of all three of my wonderful little ones.

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