Camping without an A/C

In only two months, I will be embarking on my first major camping trip. I will be spending two weeks in the mountains about two hours north of my hometown. I am a little nervous because I will be so far out into the wilderness that if I had an emergency, it would be impossible to get help in a quick manner. I am going with two of my friends from college. We have all of the gear we need, but I keep suggesting to my friends that we take a fan along with us. I don’t think my suggestion is totally unreasonable. I am not used to going without air conditioning, and a fan would give us a way to cool down after long hikes. They say that it would be too heavy for us to carry along with our clothes, food, tents, and sleeping bags. The longest I have ever gone without access to an air conditioner was a few years ago when my HVAC unit stopped working for two days. It was miserable. I am used to have cool air blow on me during the night. I wasn’t able to sleep at all while the a/c was not working. The thought of not being able to sleep well for 14 nights is a little more than I am willing to manage. A battery powered fan would make our trip so much better. I know it wouldn’t exactly be “roughing it,” but who cares. I’m not trying to impress anyone by being tough. I just want to enjoy my trip!

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