Expired HVAC-related warranty.

My wife and I inherited our current home from her parents. The home had been passed down from generation to generation and we were now a part of that long-lived tradition. Considering the home’s age, my mother and father-in-law were practical enough to upgrade many of the items around the house. From the roofing to the floorboards and other odds and ends in between, my in-laws were not so stuck in their ways like others close to their age and, consequently, chose to keep up with the times–at least as far as home improvement is concerned. Upon attaining ownership, one of the major items they had to replace was the entire HVAC system. The unit was literally on its last leg when they assumed responsibility for it, so their hand was essentially forced to get a new one. Fast forwarding to present day, the upgraded system is now giving my wife and I the hardest of times. For the past two years, the air conditioner has been essentially non-existent, which is quite significant given the hellacious summers we experience in our neck of the woods. Once we had enough with the lack of cooling, my dear and I decided to have an HVAC technician come out and diagnose the problem. The specialist told us that our air handler unit (AHU) was leaking profusely and that it appeared as though that had been the case for nearly as long as our issue had lasted. Since the AHU was still “new”–to us, that is, the wife and I were sure that the manufacturer’s warranty would cover most if not all of the costs to repair it. In the end, not only were we wrong, but we were in the financial “red.”

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