Fireplace installation

My friends log home is wonderful! It’s equipped with some sort of newer fireplace, has an incredible view, and feels so warm always and additionally toasty. My husband and I were sick of being jealous of others and I’m honestly not the kind of person who sits around and waits to do things, so we also became a log home owner. We wanted to enjoy this relaxation and luxuries it boasts, after all that should be what life is about in retirement. Our log home was somewhat different from ones I’d witnessed, but I liked it since the heating device was unique and unlike some of my friends log homes. In the beginning, my partner and I thought our beautiful stove would heat the main house and we would work with our forced air heat being as a backup for the bedrooms, but we were mistaken. Because we have a dome-like roof, the heat from the oven goes directly upstairs and doesn’t stop. This requires us to experience ceiling fans to push that warm air circulation back into the mix. We genuinely expected this, but we also thought that it would expand outwards into other open floor space like the dining room and kitchen, so we were bummed. But oh simply no it didn’t in the least! Even sitting over on the couch about a few feet in from the stove, I need to be covered in a blanket, and I’m even uncomfortably chilly while in the kitchen. The agony. Perhaps if we’d a regular ceiling and not a dome, the heat might go where you wanted it to, but the space of the ceiling threw off our calculations. Also the stove is designed to be run 24/7 and because we’re working almost all the day, the stove doesn’t get light until the evening. This is absolutely not the escape that we expected to experience..

HVAC service

HVAC equipment affecting my hair

Actually, my partner and I know that not having an HVAC system may have some crazy effects on your overall health, but my main concern since I was a teenager has been my hair. When brushing my hair I notice a huge amount of flyaways and split ends falling to the floor. At first, I thought that it might be the sort of shampoos and conditioner combo I’d already been using, but I found that was incorrect. I’ve been complaining to my parents for  this, specially my dad, as he’s like our very own maintenance provider. Wouldn’t you believe that this amazing maintenance guy told me that my own HVAC unit could be blow drying my hair? He knows that I like to keep my furnace on and explained that this was because heat in my place often lacks high humidity which has clearly been stripping moisture through the strands in my hair. Dad also told me to leave my humidifier working, especially for winter  and if I plan to use my heater and that approach, my humidifier will prevent hair static which can become a problem in the cold winter breaks from the drying effects of indoor heating and cold conditions outside. Thank goodness for my father doing his googling as I just cannot live without my HVAC system. So there are actually other ways I can care for my hair as I am know as a sort of hair guru. Now, I wash my hair less frequently within the winter  and daytime and with exploration, I found that excessive hair washing removes both moisture and needed oils leaving hair feeling brittle in addition to looking quote dull, so I make certain to also do a deep conditioning treatment that we both really love and I hope will help with the dryness and wetness.

HVAC industry

Ensuring I get tune ups and change my filter each month

I really do not like the feeling of knowing something is going to break or something will not work. I depend on a lot of things to work. So, for them not to work would be terrible. My HVAC system gives me this anxiety a lot. I am always worried it is going to breakdown. There is really no reason for it to break down though. I do everything I can for that system. I get a tune up each spring and fall season. I even change the air filter once per month. Just by doing those two things, I should feel confident in my system that it will work for me. If I receive a tune up twice per year they check the entire thing. They will change out any older parts and replace them with newer ones. They can tighten anything they need too. They will also change the air filter for me. Sometimes they have time to clean the system for me as well. Also, by changing the air filter every month, I ensure that it doesn’t get clogged. If it doesn’t get clogged then the system doesn’t have to work hard. That way, it will not break down either. Just by doing these simple little things I should be able to ensure that it will not break down, but I always feel like I have to do a little bit more. My system has never broken down on me and I almost never want there to be a first time. I can guarantee that if you do these things, your system will be just fine.

HVAC service

Heating and air detectors

My sister will not shut up about carbon monoxide poisoning in my home.  She is so sure that it comes from the HVAC system and she won’t listen to me.    Almost every night, she is calling to see if I’m still alive.  I wonder if she isn’t hoping that I’m not.  I tell her I’m fine and that I will not get carbon monoxide poisoning from my HVAC.  I don’t know what to say to put her mind at ease.  I finally called my HVAC contractor and asked him if he would do a service call on my HVAC just to put my sister’s mind at rest.  I guess I sounded a little nervous because, when he arrived, he started asking me some really unusual questions.  I had no idea that a HVAC needed to have preventive maintenance done, at least once a year.  He asked when the vents had last been cleaned and the air filters had been changed, and I honestly couldn’t give him an answer.  When he pulled the filters, I was ready to faint.  I would have never thought they could look so disgusting, and they were clogged shut.  He said something about cool air, and it got me wondering, if I did have cool air.  He then asked about my energy bills.  He couldn’t believe that a unit like I had could create such large energy bills.  Since I was already beginning to feel like an idiot about my HVAC system, I decided to ask him about carbon monoxide.  At least I was right about something, and my know-it-all sister was wrong.  I am, however, really glad that she was persistent or I wouldn’t have known about the mess my HVAC was in or about the maintenance.

HVAC settings

Detectors set on HVAC

My father is a worry wart, and he won’t stop talking about carbon monoxide poisoning.  He is absolutely determined that I will die from carbon monoxide poisoning because of the HVAC system in my cottage.  He will call me or have my mother call me, several times a day, just to be sure I was ok.  I keep telling that it isn’t possible for my HVAC system to product carbon monoxide, but they won’t give up. To ease his mind, and stop the facebook messages, and phone calls, I made an appointment with a HVAC service technician.   He agreed to come out and do a full inspection of my unit, but he also began asking me some disconcerting questions.  I never knew that needed to regular maintenance service done to a HVAC to keep it running properly.  They asked me when I last had the vents cleaned and the air filters replaced, and I had no idea what to tell them.  He asked me to follow him when he went to open my unit and change the filters.  I was totally sickened by what I saw.  He asked if I had been feeling a lot of cool air lately.  I thought I had, but I really couldn’t say for sure.  He asked about my energy bills, and after perusing them, he shook his head.  He said that my bills were way too high for the system I owned.  I was feeling really dumb till he had finished with me, so I forged ahead and asked about carbon monoxide.  Dad and mom were wrong, but had it not been for their nagging, I never would have called a HVAC technician and known how bad my system was getting.  

heating and air

Detectors and HVAC equipment

My mother is constantly harping me about carbon monoxide poisoning.  She is so worried that I can contract the poison through the HVAC system that I have installed in our cottage. She calls every night, just to ask if I feel ok and I keep telling her that I am fine because you can not get carbon monoxide poisoning through the HVAC system! To put her at ease and quit with the phone      calls I contacted a Heating and A/C contractor and asked him to come out to the cottage and assess my system.  I was hoping to put a stop to my mother’s worry.   However they came out so swiftly and they asked so many questions that I was a bit shaken.  I never knew that maintenance  repair checks should be done on a regular basis, in order for the HVAC to function properly.  They asked when the vents were cleaned and the air filters replaced, but I didn’t have a clue. When he opened the system, it was appalling. He asked how much cool air I had been feeling, and I couldn’t remember if it was even blowing cold air.  He looked at one of my energy bills and told me they were too high for the system I had.  I was feeling pretty stupid when the HVAC service technician was done with his inspection.   I remember the reason I called him, and asked about the Carbon Monoxide.  I’m happy to say that, mom was wrong when it came to that issue. If it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t have seen how dirty my HVAC system had become.  When I got my next energy bill, I was shocked at the difference, and I took mom out with the money I had saved.


Poisonous gas with heating

My mother is always harping about carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.  She is so convinced that it is prevalent in the Heating and A/C cooling and heating unit that is installed in my home. She contacts me every night, at least once, to see if I am ok and I insist that it is impossible for carbon monoxide poisoning to come from my HVAC system! To ease her worries and eliminate some of the calls, I contacted a Heating and A/C technician to come to the house and do a complete inspection in order to end the carbon monoxide concerns.  Following the inspection, they began asking questions that had me quizzical and concerned.  I never knew you had to have regular maintenance checks so the cooling and heating can function properly? They asked me when, or if, the vents were ever cleaned and if the filters had ever been.  I had no idea, and I couldn’t tell him. When the unit was opened, it was the most gross thing I have ever seen in my life! She asked if the air had been cook, and I thought it had, but I wasn’t sure.  She asked about the energy bills, and said that the cost was far beyond what it should be for an energy efficient system. When she had completed her inspection, and cleaning, I was feeling quite stupid. I thought that I should ask the carbon monoxide question, since she was already there. Thankfully, my mom had been wrong, but I am still deeply grateful for her concern, because I would have never known just how dirty my HVAC system had become.  When I received my next energy bill, I was flabbergasted at the difference, and I took mom out to dinner.

gas furnace

Carbon Monoxide detectors for HVAC units.

My mother will simply not stop about carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. She is so convinced that I can get it through my HVAC cooling and heating unit I have installed in my cottage. She calls me every night, practically, to ask if I am ok and I keep telling her that it is impossible to get carbon monoxide poisoning through my HVAC cooling system! To put her at ease and stop the phone calls I decided to get a HVAC provider to come out to the house and do a full of assessment in order to put it to rest. They came out rather quickly and started asking questions that really  cooling and heating to work properly? They asked me when the vents and air filters had been cleaned and changed and I couldn’t even tell him. When he opened them up it was the most disgusting thing you ever saw in your life! He asked if I was feeling cool air and I thought I had. He asked what my bills looked like and explained that was really high for an energy efficient system as I had in the home. When all was said and done while I was feeling pretty stupid about the entire cooling maintenance issue, I figured I would ask about the carbon monoxide question seeing as he was there. Thankfully, good old mom was totally wrong, but I am grateful to her for her persistence since I would never had known how messed up my HVAC system was at the time. When my new monthly bill came I was floored by how much lower it was that I decided to take mom out to lunch.

gas heater

Tax fail with air conditioning

You wouldn’t even believe my luck over my lifetime. It seems like every time anything can not work for me it does, no matter how hard I make attempts to prevent negative outcomes. It tends to make me truly anxious and sensitive, because it’s as if the world is constantly out for getting me. For one instance, last winter when I had been filing my taxes, I began carefully sorting through old expense receipts when I realized it had gotten far too hot in our house for anyone’s comfort. I examined the thermostat settings and everything looked as if it was in order, but then I realized a furnace wasn’t shutting off after time passed by. I adjusted the temperature settings again in the thermostat, but nothing changed and I continued to hear the heater working overtime more than usual. Ultimately, I figured out how to disable the entire heating unit, but as I got overly anxious for relief from the hot house, I needed to take action. It was getting so bad I actually needed to turn on my AC unit to combat the awful heat. I got it running and walked away for a cold drink of water from our kitchen, and when I returned I found the most depressing sight. My air conditioner had kicked into full power while I was away, and the fan had blown all of my expense receipts across the den. They were scattered everywhere and each piece of my hard work had already been undone. You better believe I was feeling hotter beneath the collar in that moment than when I saw the furnace was running broke, a sad day.

air conditioner

Reading with cold hands-need a heater

When my kids were little, I would read them lots of story books. I really wanted to someday writer my own children’s books. Well, that day has come. I am officially a published author of children’s books. The work was not easy – many sleepless nights slaving away at the computer. I love what I am doing but it is hard work. I have a home office, but unfortunately it is not the most comfortable place to work all the time. There is no ductwork leading into my office.  When wintertime arrives, my fingers begin to stiffen from the cold and I find I spend more time editing, than writing.  In the summer, the heat is unbearable in the afternoon. There are no trees outside above the house to provide some shade. My wife suggests that I get a window air conditioner for that room. I resisted for a long time because I was afraid to run up the energy bill. Now that I work on children’s books full time, I think it’s time to invest in that A/C.  Otherwise, sweat forms on my face and my fingers make my keyboard wet. It’s kinda gross. So I bought a new window A/C and had it put into the window. I use it all afternoon and it really helps me be more productive. We just got our energy bill for the month and it only went up about $15. I am very pleased with the decision. I feel a little spoiled with my own office and my own personal air conditioner, but if I can do what I love, then my wife and my kids are happy. If everyone is happy, then I am happy too.

AC service