I want to find good marijuana from a dispensary

Around my neighborhood, there are tons of people that like smoking marijuana as a hobby, and I know plenty of my friends like to partake as a means to relax and enjoy a quiet evening. There are some people who also use it as a way to alleviate their symptoms of anxiety, depression, or pain, which is great because it’s an all-natural way to deal with an illness. Over the past couple of years, our state has been passing relaxed laws about medical marijuana use, so now there are plenty of medical marijuana stores to choose from throughout the area! A couple of months ago, there was a cannabis dispensary that opened up around the block from me. I decided to walk inside, not because I planned on using the medical marijuana store, but just to find out what it looked like inside. I was very surprised at how bright, clean, and professional everything inside the cannabis dispensary was. Each brand of marijuana was tightly packed away in clear containers, and there were tons of friendly employees working at the cannabis dispensary. As I walked around, I asked some of them a few questions about the marijuana dispensary, and they were incredibly willing to talk to me about all of my questions! One of them told me that you needed to carry a medical marijuana card to purchase anything, and that customers also needed to have a state issued photo ID. Although I didn’t purchase anything at the medical marijuana dispensary, I went home and called a few of my friend and recommended that they try out the weed dispensary for themselves.   

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The airport’s temperature

For the first time ever, I visited a one of the most well known amusement parks in the country. I spent a year budgeting my money appropriately for the hotel, food, and park passes. I had dreamed about visiting this park most of my life. To say I was excited was an understatement. Before visiting, I did plenty of research. I wanted to know exactly how much money to spend on food and such. Most people were telling me to bring double the money I had set aside for food alone. I couldn’t figure out why they would tell me this, considering I checked the prices of food in the park. Yes, they were higher than normal, but I didn’t think I needed more than I had. During my first day in the park, I quickly realized that they were all right. The food prices were the same as the ones I’d researched, but I ate way more than I anticipated. Now, this wasn’t because I was just that hungry, but because it was so overwhelmingly hot outside. I spent all day walking around in the hot sun. I wanted more ice cream and cold beverages than normal, just to cool down internally. I only accounted for my three basic meals. I didn’t account for the desire to sit inside a restaurant that had air conditioning. Thankfully, all the restaurants had air conditioning installed. However, they were packed with people who also wanted to find relief from the hot temperatures. I purchased more overpriced water and food than I’d ever anticipated. All because the outside temperatures were so hot and I was that desperate for air conditioning. Never underestimate the power of a hot day!

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The good days

My best friend and mentor of many years was a woman named Helen. She took me into her business and gave me, not only a job, but a career. She allowed me to learn as I worked, and she also encouraged me to better myself so I could go farther in life. I never knew my real mother, but Helen was the mom I always wanted to have. I haven’t seen her in a while now, but I still feel I owe her a tremendous debt for giving me that first break with a job in her HVAC service and repair company. I wasn’t certified with HVAC at the time, like I am now. And to be honest, the only thing I knew about air conditioners was how to turn them on. I couldn’t even be certain that I knew how to properly operate a thermostat. Helen kept me employed anyway, and lead me along, until eventually I went to night class and got certified as a heating and cooling systems repair technician. More than that, she treated me as a friend and equal, not just one of her crew of AC guys. You would never think that an A/C repair shop was such a fun place to work, but boy was it ever! After a few years Helen had some health problems, so she sold the HVAC business and moved to a warmer climate. We still talk on the phone once in awhile, and when we do we always trade old stories back from our HVAC days.


Working on the home comfort

I am considering someday to construct a lake house from the ground up.  Around the past 12 years, I’ve lived in more than 4 houses plus they’ve all had some errors on them.  I would love to think over every aspect of the lake house to suit all of those preferences.  I would make sure that the lake house gave off a sizable home office, full basement, multiple-car garage, plus sizable lawn space. I’d make sure that the rooms were put up to avoid wasted section plus allow for tons of closets plus windows.  I would also put some money in a top-of-the-line geothermal heating plus cooling technology.  The most energy efficient forced air heater achieves an AFUE rating of around 90 percent.  A geothermal heat pump gives off near 100 percent efficiency rating.  It creates lots of energy for every one unit of needed electricity.  This is because the geothermal plan will just move heat rather than create it by burning fossil fuels.  I could potentially save seventy percent on heating plus cooling costs every year.   Plus, a geothermal heat pump is known for being quiet, plus I won’t need to hear to it heat or cool while I’m kneeling outside by the lawn.  This kind of Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan is known for being actually quite good, requiring little service, plus lasting a while. The heat pump is installed inside the house, where it is not permitted to get the wear plus tear of snow, rain or other weather conditions.  The loop on it is buried underground plus should last about 35 years or more.

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HVAC that you can rely on

Everyone attempts to save money in some way, shape or form. I have been researching options for saving extra cash for a long time and have tried just about everything I can think of. For years, I have been struggling to reduce my monthly energy costs.  My HVAC bills are legitimately way beyond control. In my home, I have three young kids who are consistently playing with anything they can reach. This includes all of the appliances, electronics, and even the HVAC thermostats. They figure out ways to climb up high and reach things twice their heights. It is a miracle that they haven’t fallen and hurt themselves.  I am pretty protective of our thermostat, since the HVAC bills have seemed to continually rise over the past few months. I have had a variety of things serviced to make sure our heating and cooling systems are not  malfunctioning or running longer than should.  When multipole HVAC contractors tell me that there is nothing wrong, I  basically lose all hope in finding a means to trim the HVAC bills. Now, I have decided that I need to check over the heating and cooling equipment in every way possible. In the morning, I make a note of  the thermostat’s temperature reading and do the same when I come home from work, and again before bed.  After a month of monitoring our energy usage, I have come to the conclusion that the kids are the ones messing with the settings, altering our thermostat and increasing the HVAC bills!

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I’m thinking about a new heater

My brother Todd is currently a senior in high school. I am anxious for Todd to finally be out of my hair and move out in the fall to head to school. Todd’s graduation is a big deal since he is the first child in my family to graduate from high school.  The whole family has been talking about and planning his graduation celebration for weeks now.  We have a ton of extended family coming into town and staying at the house for the ceremony.  I am dreading the ceremony most of all. I am fine with the cleaning, decorating, cooking and setting up for Todd’s party,  because I am indoors and we have air conditioning.  Todd’s graduation ceremony, however, will be held outside on the football field.  There is no air conditioning, fans, or even shade out there. I was surprised that the school decided to hold such a big ceremony outdoors, without a/c, since the weather tends to be extremely hot and muggy at this time of year.  People will be sitting in those uncomfortable bleachers, in   the heat for a long period of time.  My older relatives and the young kids will have a tough time sitting in the sun without a/c for the several hours of the ceremony.  It will definitely be a relief to get inside, out the sun, and  into the air conditioning. It is possible that the air conditioned auditorium is not spacious enough for my brother’s class and family members. When I graduate high school, I hope the ceremony is held in the cool, air conditioned auditorium.  That would be far more comfortable and enjoyable for the family and friends in attendance. If this is going to be the new trend for graduation, I don’t suppose many people will show up.

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This radiant flooring is fantastic

There is no where in the world I would rather be than in my home. In my home there are several things that I love. I love my leather couches, my fireplace but most of all I love my radiant flooring. You will never know true love until you have radiant flooring installed into your home. I can say that I used to hate the winter. I used to hate the cold seasons. That all changed once i looked into getting radiant flooring into my home. It is by far the best thing I have ever had. Radiant flooring is a piece of HVAC equipment that runs underneath your floor to heat it. The heat rises through your floor and heats your home as well. During the winter, you never have to worry about having cold feet and having to wear slippers or socks. The radiant floor keeps your feet warm for you. Have you ever been cold after you got out of the shower? Well, not anymore. My feet instantly take in the heat from the floor and in the winter I never feel cold. I am always comfortable in my house. It also helps to use my HVAC system less because there is heat coming through the floor. That is where the other heat in my house is coming from to make my HVAC system do less work. It has been an a amazing addition and I highly recommend it for those who are not a big fan of the winter season. Your pets will love it too!

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The weird box is covered

The best thing about my home is actually my backyard. It’s equipped with a pool, grill, and even a volleyball court. While I do enjoy and spend most of my time there, when having company over, I wasn’t too excited about them seeing my big, boxy cooling unit; it just doesn’t look the least bit desirable. I understand that it needed some space to breathe, so I got a lattice that fits my style and overall home aesthetics to cover the outside a/c unit. I made sure to speak with the manufacturer so that he could recommend a good distance for the enclosure. This is a cool little design that I find works well and prevents the hot air blowing out of it from being trapped, since the covering has holes. This was also an important solution because it prevents my unit from overheating. I definitely don’t want to be paying my good money for a replacement. Speaking of money, my mother keeps nagging and telling me that I could be saving even more money if I just plant some greenery in front of my cooling unit. She has been telling me to do things all of my life, so I decided that just this once I’d do what I wanted to do. Besides I’m more of an artsy-fartsy kind of girl and this gave my backyard a modern touch. I had to make sure when putting this cover on that it was easy to remove. I don’t want to be denied service by my HVAC expert or make him or her have a hard time before performing any maintenance tasks or repairs to my outdoor A/C system.

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Working on my air and heat system

When it comes to apartment shopping, I make sure to find the best prices available on the market. I think looking for places outside of the city is a little more affordable than living in the city. When I think about heating in an apartment, I think about the “no free lunch” idea from school. I honestly don’t think there are many landlords giving tenants free heat out of the goodness of their hearts, and that’s just the plain truth. With that being said, I’m uncertain about the better option when it comes to finding an apartment that has the heating included or not included. When thinking about heating, it just seems like some sort of a marketing tool just to get the renter hooked and onboard with the scam. I have to admit, most of the time I’m this kind of renter. Winters are very hard where I’m located, and it can be a drag when it comes time to receive the energy bill. I figured that if rent were free, maybe it meant I could use more of it and escape paying any high heat bills at all. But I read online many opposing views on this issue of heating systems. I’ve read there’s a possibility that rent was already adjusted beforehand with heating actually being included in the rent and people were actually being up sold. I’m sure from past apartments that I’ve fallen for this. I guess there’s no real way to tell whether a landlord is being truthful about free heating or if rent was pre-adjusted. This is a dilemma as I search for my next place and I feel that I cannot be without my HVAC unit, but I also don’t want to be tricked into the allure of the “heat included” scam.

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I really do need central air

I recently moved to a new home, further south, and I was not prepared for the heat.  The house was not equipped with a central air conditioner, but I didn’t think it would be a problem.  Living up north, I had always gotten by with a furnace in the winter, and opening the windows to let in fresh air during the warmer months.  When I moved, I realized that the house had no HVAC system whatsoever.  My real estate agent assured me that it would not get cold enough during the winter to require a heater.  She said I might need a portable air conditioner to handle the heat in the summer.  When the summer temperatures and humidity set in, the house quickly became extremely uncomfortable.  I tried to manage with a bunch of electric fans and opening the windows, but it was not enough to cool down the house.  I found it nearly impossible to sleep, and I was constantly sweating. When I noticed condensation running down my window panes and mold spots on the sills, I knew I needed to invest in air conditioning.  I bought a pair of compact window units, and hoped they would be sufficient.  Unfortunately, these air conditioners were only capable of cooling one room at a time.  I knew that I needed a solution for the entire house.  I then contacted a local HVAC contractor to provide an estimate for central air conditioning.  Purchasing and installing central air conditioning was a significant investment, but it certainly improved the comfort of my home.  I can now simply adjust the thermostat to the ideal temperature and the cooling equipment handles the rest.  I no longer deal with excessive humidity, and I certainly sleep much better.  

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