HVAC that you can rely on

Everyone attempts to save money in some way, shape or form. I have been researching options for saving extra cash for a long time and have tried just about everything I can think of. For years, I have been struggling to reduce my monthly energy costs.  My HVAC bills are legitimately way beyond control. In my home, I have three young kids who are consistently playing with anything they can reach. This includes all of the appliances, electronics, and even the HVAC thermostats. They figure out ways to climb up high and reach things twice their heights. It is a miracle that they haven’t fallen and hurt themselves.  I am pretty protective of our thermostat, since the HVAC bills have seemed to continually rise over the past few months. I have had a variety of things serviced to make sure our heating and cooling systems are not  malfunctioning or running longer than should.  When multipole HVAC contractors tell me that there is nothing wrong, I  basically lose all hope in finding a means to trim the HVAC bills. Now, I have decided that I need to check over the heating and cooling equipment in every way possible. In the morning, I make a note of  the thermostat’s temperature reading and do the same when I come home from work, and again before bed.  After a month of monitoring our energy usage, I have come to the conclusion that the kids are the ones messing with the settings, altering our thermostat and increasing the HVAC bills!

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