I really do need central air

I recently moved to a new home, further south, and I was not prepared for the heat.  The house was not equipped with a central air conditioner, but I didn’t think it would be a problem.  Living up north, I had always gotten by with a furnace in the winter, and opening the windows to let in fresh air during the warmer months.  When I moved, I realized that the house had no HVAC system whatsoever.  My real estate agent assured me that it would not get cold enough during the winter to require a heater.  She said I might need a portable air conditioner to handle the heat in the summer.  When the summer temperatures and humidity set in, the house quickly became extremely uncomfortable.  I tried to manage with a bunch of electric fans and opening the windows, but it was not enough to cool down the house.  I found it nearly impossible to sleep, and I was constantly sweating. When I noticed condensation running down my window panes and mold spots on the sills, I knew I needed to invest in air conditioning.  I bought a pair of compact window units, and hoped they would be sufficient.  Unfortunately, these air conditioners were only capable of cooling one room at a time.  I knew that I needed a solution for the entire house.  I then contacted a local HVAC contractor to provide an estimate for central air conditioning.  Purchasing and installing central air conditioning was a significant investment, but it certainly improved the comfort of my home.  I can now simply adjust the thermostat to the ideal temperature and the cooling equipment handles the rest.  I no longer deal with excessive humidity, and I certainly sleep much better.  

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