I want to find good marijuana from a dispensary

Around my neighborhood, there are tons of people that like smoking marijuana as a hobby, and I know plenty of my friends like to partake as a means to relax and enjoy a quiet evening. There are some people who also use it as a way to alleviate their symptoms of anxiety, depression, or pain, which is great because it’s an all-natural way to deal with an illness. Over the past couple of years, our state has been passing relaxed laws about medical marijuana use, so now there are plenty of medical marijuana stores to choose from throughout the area! A couple of months ago, there was a cannabis dispensary that opened up around the block from me. I decided to walk inside, not because I planned on using the medical marijuana store, but just to find out what it looked like inside. I was very surprised at how bright, clean, and professional everything inside the cannabis dispensary was. Each brand of marijuana was tightly packed away in clear containers, and there were tons of friendly employees working at the cannabis dispensary. As I walked around, I asked some of them a few questions about the marijuana dispensary, and they were incredibly willing to talk to me about all of my questions! One of them told me that you needed to carry a medical marijuana card to purchase anything, and that customers also needed to have a state issued photo ID. Although I didn’t purchase anything at the medical marijuana dispensary, I went home and called a few of my friend and recommended that they try out the weed dispensary for themselves.   

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