I’m thinking about a new heater

My brother Todd is currently a senior in high school. I am anxious for Todd to finally be out of my hair and move out in the fall to head to school. Todd’s graduation is a big deal since he is the first child in my family to graduate from high school.  The whole family has been talking about and planning his graduation celebration for weeks now.  We have a ton of extended family coming into town and staying at the house for the ceremony.  I am dreading the ceremony most of all. I am fine with the cleaning, decorating, cooking and setting up for Todd’s party,  because I am indoors and we have air conditioning.  Todd’s graduation ceremony, however, will be held outside on the football field.  There is no air conditioning, fans, or even shade out there. I was surprised that the school decided to hold such a big ceremony outdoors, without a/c, since the weather tends to be extremely hot and muggy at this time of year.  People will be sitting in those uncomfortable bleachers, in   the heat for a long period of time.  My older relatives and the young kids will have a tough time sitting in the sun without a/c for the several hours of the ceremony.  It will definitely be a relief to get inside, out the sun, and  into the air conditioning. It is possible that the air conditioned auditorium is not spacious enough for my brother’s class and family members. When I graduate high school, I hope the ceremony is held in the cool, air conditioned auditorium.  That would be far more comfortable and enjoyable for the family and friends in attendance. If this is going to be the new trend for graduation, I don’t suppose many people will show up.

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