The weird box is covered

The best thing about my home is actually my backyard. It’s equipped with a pool, grill, and even a volleyball court. While I do enjoy and spend most of my time there, when having company over, I wasn’t too excited about them seeing my big, boxy cooling unit; it just doesn’t look the least bit desirable. I understand that it needed some space to breathe, so I got a lattice that fits my style and overall home aesthetics to cover the outside a/c unit. I made sure to speak with the manufacturer so that he could recommend a good distance for the enclosure. This is a cool little design that I find works well and prevents the hot air blowing out of it from being trapped, since the covering has holes. This was also an important solution because it prevents my unit from overheating. I definitely don’t want to be paying my good money for a replacement. Speaking of money, my mother keeps nagging and telling me that I could be saving even more money if I just plant some greenery in front of my cooling unit. She has been telling me to do things all of my life, so I decided that just this once I’d do what I wanted to do. Besides I’m more of an artsy-fartsy kind of girl and this gave my backyard a modern touch. I had to make sure when putting this cover on that it was easy to remove. I don’t want to be denied service by my HVAC expert or make him or her have a hard time before performing any maintenance tasks or repairs to my outdoor A/C system.

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