Working on my air and heat system

When it comes to apartment shopping, I make sure to find the best prices available on the market. I think looking for places outside of the city is a little more affordable than living in the city. When I think about heating in an apartment, I think about the “no free lunch” idea from school. I honestly don’t think there are many landlords giving tenants free heat out of the goodness of their hearts, and that’s just the plain truth. With that being said, I’m uncertain about the better option when it comes to finding an apartment that has the heating included or not included. When thinking about heating, it just seems like some sort of a marketing tool just to get the renter hooked and onboard with the scam. I have to admit, most of the time I’m this kind of renter. Winters are very hard where I’m located, and it can be a drag when it comes time to receive the energy bill. I figured that if rent were free, maybe it meant I could use more of it and escape paying any high heat bills at all. But I read online many opposing views on this issue of heating systems. I’ve read there’s a possibility that rent was already adjusted beforehand with heating actually being included in the rent and people were actually being up sold. I’m sure from past apartments that I’ve fallen for this. I guess there’s no real way to tell whether a landlord is being truthful about free heating or if rent was pre-adjusted. This is a dilemma as I search for my next place and I feel that I cannot be without my HVAC unit, but I also don’t want to be tricked into the allure of the “heat included” scam.

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