Germany-no AC in buildings

After a couple years in the army, I got word that I would be stationed in Germany. I was so excited. I had only heard good things from other people who had been stationed over there, and I wanted to explore Europe. Germany is a very modern country, so I didn’t expect to make a lot of changes in my daily life. When I got there, my biggest surprise was that air conditioning is actually illegal in residential buildings. Commercial buildings have A/C, but apartments, condos and houses in Germany are all just built without any form of a cooling system whatsoever. All the houses on post come equipped with radiator in every major part of the house, but they don’t provide you any way to keep cool during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, I moved into my place in July, when the temperature was well above 90 degrees. I went to the post exchange to get a portable air conditioning system or a window A/C, but they were all sold out for the season. I had to suffer through the whole summer without any A/C. I never realized how hot I could be. I would go shopping just to be in the air conditioned store. Thankfully, summers in Germany are very short, so I didn’t have to live without my air conditioning for too long. But the next year, I made sure to buy my portable air conditioner months in advance to make sure I didn’t have to go through another hot German summer ever again!

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