I have very high energy bills

My husband and I have lived our whole lives in the north. We have lots of wonderful friends and family in the area, and were reluctant to move. However, we were extremely fed up with dealing with the long, cold winters. It is not unusual for us to run our furnace from fall through spring. The outside temperature often drops well below zero, the windchill is brutal, and that snow falls in feet. We were sick of layering up in wool coats, shoveling our driveway, and paying really big heating bills. We decided to buy a winter home down south. Setting up a second household was much more expensive and challenging than we anticipated. We needed to buy everything from furniture and glassware, to curtains and tools. Trying to keep up both homes is also quite stressful. For a year, certain jobs were completely overlooked. Such as, I totally forgot about scheduling professional HVAC maintenance at both houses. We headed south in the fall, and I never called the HVAC technician to service the furnace in our northern home. When we made the trip up north in the spring, I completely neglected to have the air conditioner inspected down south. I then had to pay unnecessarily high energy bills and minor repairs for both HVAC systems. Now, I have an HVAC maintenance plan for both locations. The HVAC technician now calls me up and reminds me that it’s time for seasonal maintenance. This has made upkeep much easier, and is definitely saving me a good amount of time and money. Also, my HVAC equipment is more reliable and efficient.

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We have a great HVAC unit

I’d always hated the flooring around my living room. It was this hideous brick that the previous homeowner setup. The guy used many different bricks and did not quite finish. I tried hiding it with rugs but still bothered me a lot. I then thought I would tackle the project and remove the brick. I wanted to restore it with wood floors. Before I managed to get to the ripping out process my good friend Stella recommended heated floors. Apparently with radiant flooring installation, the floors have to be torn out. I was definitely tearing out the flooring, thus it was perfect. Also I possess a boiler system. Radiant flooring can only be paired using a boiler. This is actually hydronic heating. The boiler would heat water that would flow through pipes. The warm piping inside the flooring is actually what heats your floors. So after I tear out the brick, I can have a HVAC company over to do the heating installation. They have to set up the piping and additionally connect it to my boiler system. Then I can lay down my wood floors in the pipes. It protects the heating system from damage and dust. Then the hydronic heating gets to work and I have toasty surfaces. It will be an expensive and messy project. But seeing that Stella has told me exactly about how great heated floors usually are, I want them very badly. Also I figured I really have no reason not to since I’ve already doing half the work. Just a bit more money and I can have an ideal heating system. It really did seem perfect.

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This mini split is a great HVAC system

If you stay in the north and want an air conditioner, consider a ductless mini split. This air conditioner is really the best choice for the north due to how simple it is. The majority of cooling systems require ductwork installation, AC service and are large cooling devices. A ductless mini split is often a simple in and out system. You can actually do the cooling installation yourself. All you need to undertake is drilling into your wall and feed some wires and tubes to your outdoor air compressor. It does not take long and is a straightforward simple process. The ductless mini split is great in that cooling service is not really as frequent. Without ductwork you can find less energy loss and problems for the air conditioner. The ductless mini split will never get dusty as frequently and require cooling repairs. Additionally supply is set for one room in your home. That is why the northerners feel it is fantastic. Our climate does not get that hot. Occasionally we find a warm day where AC at nighttime is an appreciated thing. The ductless air conditioner may be set up in your bedroom in support of affect the temperature in truth be told there. This allows for miniscule expenditures. Also you do not affect the other occupants in your house. What if you decide you your mini split and want an Air conditioner in each room? No problem in any way. You can add up to eight indoor air handler to 1 outdoor air compressor. If you need more than that, you might. Add another outdoor air compressor and you simply now own a ductless adjustable split system.

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It’s time to fix my heating unit

I work entirely from a home office, and for the most a part, it is super convenient. I don’t have to worry about snowy roads, keeping gas in my truck, or dressing in company attire. I set my own hours, usually wear sweatpants, and tune in to my favorite music turned up loud. Despite all of the perks, however, my job is very stressful. I work on a good deadline, and I need to dedicate a tremendous amount of time to finishing the necessary jobs. I cannot afford to be interrupted daily. Because I work from home, friends and family members often think I’m free to talk or help out. When I don’t answer phone calls or the doorbell rings, they become irritated towards me. My husband recently scheduled some sort of HVAC maintenance call for the house on a weekday afternoon. Since he was at his job, the responsibility fell on me to meet the HVAC technician. I was not happy about this stalling my workday to accommodate regular HVAC maintenance, but my hubby assured me the whole job should take less than an hour. I figured I could at least sacrifice my lunch hour to take care of the HVAC technician. Unfortunately, the HVAC technician arrived over 1 hour late, then tracked dirt throughout my house. It took him forever to inspect, clean and tune this furnace, and then he spent over half an hour explaining all of the issues with the heating system. He definitely felt an urgency to talk about upgrading to a new furnace. I was tempted to just hand him my credit card and allow him to install whatever he wanted just so he could leave me to my work. By the time the guy finally left, I was panicking to meet my deadline.

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Some drawbacks to my heater

I heat my home using a forced air furnace, and it has both pluses and minuses. The furnace is extremely efficient at keeping my home nice and warm on the coldest days and nights. It is usually quite energy efficient. The gas furnace comes with a 98% AFUE rating which keeps my monthly utility bills reasonable. Because it is a forced air system, many of the components are shared between the furnace as well as the air conditioner. I like that I am able to enjoy both heating and cooling and keep a comfortable indoor environment month in month out. The furnace is low in maintenance, requiring only monthly clean changes and yearly professional assistance. However, I am not happy that I need to sacrifice so much space to oblige ductwork. The ductwork is loud, hides contaminants and causes a great deal of energy waste. I frequently need to have the duct system inspected for possible cracks, holes or rust. Because it is a forced air system, the air is blown within the house and may introduce lots of contaminants, such as dust, dander together with bacteria. It definitely causes complications with the cleanliness and health of my breathing air. The heat within the furnace tends to rise straight to the ceiling. This forces excessive thermostat settings, which leads to raised monthly energy bills. It also causes drafts, cold spots, and uncomfortable temperature swings at home. The furnace will probably last around fifteen years, whereas other designs of heating equipment provides an upwards of thirty years. Overall, I am happy to have a gas furnace for heating and am content with the value of my investment.

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I could use a vacation

I’ve been hoping to upgrade to an actual heating and cooling system for the really long time, since my heating and cooling system now is made up of opening a window for cool and grabbing a blanket for a little bit of heat! I have lasted a very long time without any formal device since I enjoy saving my money for fun things such as summer and winter vacations. Although, I have been working inside of a great job for over a year and have managed to save substantial amounts of money. I thought it was time to do something nice for me and my home. So, today air conditioning and heating is just what I needed for the home and myself. I decided to just go the old fashioned research route first as opposed to calling an HVAC technician. I really didn’t want to be bothered by a whole promoting spiel. I figured how hard will it be to understand how heating and cooling work?  These seem to be basic concepts to me. I found a company local to the house that had a website, for I really planned to go local. I started reading descriptions of items for air conditioning from windowpane box units to central A/C, then I moved onto home heating and all its variations. That HVAC website was amazing! I couldn’t believe how informative it was on each specific item offered and went way more in depth with the cost and energy efficiency elements. I was surprised to find out about the new items such as Zone Control making it possible to determine the air temperature for each individual room with the thermostat or even the Smart App where you could adjust the thermostat from anywhere by way of your phone. I would highly recommend this amazing site!indoor comfort system

Setting up better air duct systems

Always on Christmas morning I rise early to cook cinnamon rolls for the kids. I first have to start the fire in the wood burning stove, for if we want any sort of heat in the middle of our cold winter mornings, it is required to be the first thing one does. I had been begging my husband for any variety of central heating and cooling system for several years, but he kept saying it just wasn’t affordable. So, I would do all the studies of the new and modern HVAC unit’s plus the new products they have today to hold costs low with better heat and cooling output and show him oftentimes they were more cost and energy efficient than in the past. But he was Mr. Scrooge and one hundred percent unrelenting and said how it would cost more to get the ductwork, refurbish and clean out all of the old vents and put brand new air filters in place.  I would tell him that the HVAC technician can come out to the house to assess our specific needs offering the best and most efficient HVAC system for the house. But he just wouldn’t listen to reason so I gave up after a long while. This particular Christmas morning I walked in the family room to start the fire and it was oddly already pretty comfy. I didn’t understand it, did he already start the fire just to be nice and help me out? Then he and all your kids jumped out from behind our couch yelling surprise! Apparently he’d secretly called out the HVAC technician when I wasn’t aware and had a whole unit installed for a Xmas present! It was truly the most beneficial gift I ever got from him that morning!

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I am not really a tech person

I have learned to always very prepared when I go to the doctor’s office with a sweatshirt in hand for it tend to be unusually cold. It is a constant battle I’ve faced with every major care physician I have ever had to deal with. They are always keeping their HVAC cooling units set to the all time low for what they call sanitation purposes. It is annoying and frustrating, but I learned there is nothing at all that I can do about it, so I deal with it. Last week, I had a personal visit and the moment I walked into the office a rush of warm came at me and enveloped my face! I did not expect it one bit and right away looked around the room to view many people who were quite unhappy while experiencing the situation. There was a huge sign on the check in window in bold red letters that is clear many had asked excessively. It said they were experiencing a problem with their HVAC system and the thermostat was jammed at this temperature, hot. The zone control system and smart app apparently collided in the event the doctor tried to change the settings from his phone late the night time before when he realized that he forgot to shut anything down. Apparently, they can’t seem to comprehend if they need a cellular tech person to come look at the smart app or an HVAC technician to come look into the thermostats zone control. I am actually a tech person and was tempted to help. All of them looked so utterly annoyed that I was afraid to even ask about it.heating

Saving a lot on our energy bill

My grandmother recently moved in with our family. It has been a huge adjustment for us all even as we aren’t used to having someone live with us who has such special needs. She was getting too old to live alone with adequate health issues that were getting quite dangerous. We tried to convince her to move into one of these elderly facilities knowing it might be a great source of companionship for her, but wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. So, here she was in our guest room with all of us all sadly suffering. She had a lot of needs, but the most severe to the household was that she needed heat on at all times. She was always frosty! Mom said it had something to do with the medications she was on as well as the blood flow in her overall body, but if we didn’t take a step soon, she was going to heat us all out of our own property. She was constantly going up to the thermostat and changing the temperatures while us average folks were absolutely dying! Mom, called in the HVAC technician for some support and to see if there was anything that might be done to save our electrical power bill. He suggested the zone heating system. Once installed in the home, it would allow us to program your own personal thermostat to any temperature in each room! This was an amazing solution for us as now she could sit in her room hours on end in comfort and we would be free of the constant overheating of the house!

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I’d love some help

I was born with a very special immune system. I spent my childhood in a bubble quite literally at the hospital. There was such a real scare in respect to how I could live out on earth and not get sick every two minutes.  It was quite possible that this would severely damage my immune system. I felt optimistic and as an adult it was my choice to choose how I would live. I wanted to live on the earth, not just watch it moving by. I knew what this meant indisputably, but I was prepared. I came across an apartment in a moderately new building that allowed for less exposure with mold and viruses. My first call was for the local HVAC company who sent a service man to assess my needs. I explained to him my medical condition and the needs of developing a very modern and updated HVAC unit for the house that would have to be maintained bi-monthly. He was amazed, by the look on his face. I told him why and he became very sympathetic and really wished to help. He was committed to deep cleaning the different vents and filter systems, and also changed out every filter. He did a deep sweep of the ductwork just to guarantee it was all ok and cleansed properly. It turns out they do have special filters for people along with weak immune systems, so when they check on them they will be able to tell how bad the oxygen is for my house at that moment. This was awesome. I knew I could make everything work.forced air heating