I have very high energy bills

My husband and I have lived our whole lives in the north. We have lots of wonderful friends and family in the area, and were reluctant to move. However, we were extremely fed up with dealing with the long, cold winters. It is not unusual for us to run our furnace from fall through spring. The outside temperature often drops well below zero, the windchill is brutal, and that snow falls in feet. We were sick of layering up in wool coats, shoveling our driveway, and paying really big heating bills. We decided to buy a winter home down south. Setting up a second household was much more expensive and challenging than we anticipated. We needed to buy everything from furniture and glassware, to curtains and tools. Trying to keep up both homes is also quite stressful. For a year, certain jobs were completely overlooked. Such as, I totally forgot about scheduling professional HVAC maintenance at both houses. We headed south in the fall, and I never called the HVAC technician to service the furnace in our northern home. When we made the trip up north in the spring, I completely neglected to have the air conditioner inspected down south. I then had to pay unnecessarily high energy bills and minor repairs for both HVAC systems. Now, I have an HVAC maintenance plan for both locations. The HVAC technician now calls me up and reminds me that it’s time for seasonal maintenance. This has made upkeep much easier, and is definitely saving me a good amount of time and money. Also, my HVAC equipment is more reliable and efficient.

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