I’d love some help

I was born with a very special immune system. I spent my childhood in a bubble quite literally at the hospital. There was such a real scare in respect to how I could live out on earth and not get sick every two minutes.  It was quite possible that this would severely damage my immune system. I felt optimistic and as an adult it was my choice to choose how I would live. I wanted to live on the earth, not just watch it moving by. I knew what this meant indisputably, but I was prepared. I came across an apartment in a moderately new building that allowed for less exposure with mold and viruses. My first call was for the local HVAC company who sent a service man to assess my needs. I explained to him my medical condition and the needs of developing a very modern and updated HVAC unit for the house that would have to be maintained bi-monthly. He was amazed, by the look on his face. I told him why and he became very sympathetic and really wished to help. He was committed to deep cleaning the different vents and filter systems, and also changed out every filter. He did a deep sweep of the ductwork just to guarantee it was all ok and cleansed properly. It turns out they do have special filters for people along with weak immune systems, so when they check on them they will be able to tell how bad the oxygen is for my house at that moment. This was awesome. I knew I could make everything work.forced air heating