It’s time to fix my heating unit

I work entirely from a home office, and for the most a part, it is super convenient. I don’t have to worry about snowy roads, keeping gas in my truck, or dressing in company attire. I set my own hours, usually wear sweatpants, and tune in to my favorite music turned up loud. Despite all of the perks, however, my job is very stressful. I work on a good deadline, and I need to dedicate a tremendous amount of time to finishing the necessary jobs. I cannot afford to be interrupted daily. Because I work from home, friends and family members often think I’m free to talk or help out. When I don’t answer phone calls or the doorbell rings, they become irritated towards me. My husband recently scheduled some sort of HVAC maintenance call for the house on a weekday afternoon. Since he was at his job, the responsibility fell on me to meet the HVAC technician. I was not happy about this stalling my workday to accommodate regular HVAC maintenance, but my hubby assured me the whole job should take less than an hour. I figured I could at least sacrifice my lunch hour to take care of the HVAC technician. Unfortunately, the HVAC technician arrived over 1 hour late, then tracked dirt throughout my house. It took him forever to inspect, clean and tune this furnace, and then he spent over half an hour explaining all of the issues with the heating system. He definitely felt an urgency to talk about upgrading to a new furnace. I was tempted to just hand him my credit card and allow him to install whatever he wanted just so he could leave me to my work. By the time the guy finally left, I was panicking to meet my deadline.

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