Setting up better air duct systems

Always on Christmas morning I rise early to cook cinnamon rolls for the kids. I first have to start the fire in the wood burning stove, for if we want any sort of heat in the middle of our cold winter mornings, it is required to be the first thing one does. I had been begging my husband for any variety of central heating and cooling system for several years, but he kept saying it just wasn’t affordable. So, I would do all the studies of the new and modern HVAC unit’s plus the new products they have today to hold costs low with better heat and cooling output and show him oftentimes they were more cost and energy efficient than in the past. But he was Mr. Scrooge and one hundred percent unrelenting and said how it would cost more to get the ductwork, refurbish and clean out all of the old vents and put brand new air filters in place.  I would tell him that the HVAC technician can come out to the house to assess our specific needs offering the best and most efficient HVAC system for the house. But he just wouldn’t listen to reason so I gave up after a long while. This particular Christmas morning I walked in the family room to start the fire and it was oddly already pretty comfy. I didn’t understand it, did he already start the fire just to be nice and help me out? Then he and all your kids jumped out from behind our couch yelling surprise! Apparently he’d secretly called out the HVAC technician when I wasn’t aware and had a whole unit installed for a Xmas present! It was truly the most beneficial gift I ever got from him that morning!

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