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I couldn’t have been more thrilled to finally graduate from high school and escape my house! I am the eldest of eight kids and never had a room to myself. Everything in the house is usually shared, all the meals are together and you just never could have time by yourself. We also were very strict about money management and didn’t have what many families had like regular heating and cooling HVAC systems. We simply had a fire wood burning stove to heat you up and would have to open a window to cool down. I couldn’t wait to not have any of these worries when I went off to college. Once I managed to get to the dorms and put together all of my things, I read down the set of ‘need to know’ items. The primary one I noticed was this no portable electric air conditioners and portable rolling electric heaters being allowed in the building. I thought that was sort of odd, so I figured they may have some type of HVAC system for the entire building. Well, seeing as I started late within the winter quarter, I soon identified what they were talking about! The heating thermostat was so carefully programmed so that it went off at targeted times. The worst part of that was usually no one was in the building, or worse, everyone was constantly leaving the doors open allowing the heat to escape. I would return to my dorm room and it would be ice cold. I didn’t get how this could possibly be ok as it was a need for the students.

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Summer and the cooling unit

I have been renting a small house in a small town for over a year now. We have all the seasons of weather, but that’s certainly not an issue when you have a good HVAC system. The landlord ran hot and cold when it came to returning phone calls about repairs though. Come time for the rent payments, he would give me a hard time if I was even a day late, but if I am having any kind of problem with my air conditioner filters or if the heat wasn’t coming through then he wouldn’t work with me. I know you are supposed to keep a HVAC system maintained at minimum once annually, it’s basic utility management. My partner and I were going on my second summer and it definitely occurred to me that no serviceman has been out yet to check the vents, clean and change out the environment filters or even just perform a basic temperature check with the thermostat to assure it was all working properly. I decided to call him through the phone, which he didn’t reply, and ask when this could happen. I can’t tell you the amount of messages I left all to which he ignored for a long time. The weather was starting to get extremely hot and I knew that I was going to be using the air conditioner more. I noticed it was not getting cool even though the thermostat was set to seventy-five. Now, I actually was concerned. I kept calling without having any response. Finally, I was right and the whole system crashed by the end of the month, no heat with no air conditioning. So, I decided to not pay rent until he fixed this problem. That sure got him going.  He sent out the HVAC repairman fast!

This is really scaring me

I have lived in the south with regard to my entire life, but recently For a nice and considering taking a new job designed to relocate us to a city inside the north. Last week, I have my interview with my potential boss, and I think the interview went perfectly. I would be surprised plainly were not offered the position next couple of weeks. One thing he did bring up with me in the interview was the climate inside north. He wanted to make sure that I was fully prepared for the challenges that they encounter along with the extreme cold. I advised him that i would purchase a house by using heating. I also asked him if the office where I would be working had a practical heater. He advised me which it did, but he also warned that heating probably would not completely solve the problem. He reminded me that I would need to walk to the car regularly, and he also said that your cold weather ruins your social life through the winter months. He said that everybody stays inside all day enjoying the warmth of ones own heaters, and the only time people go out is to visit to the store, work, or house of worship. I told him that it might not possibly be that unhealthy, and he said that I would have to figure it out when I actually arrived up there. My sister lives up north, and I asked him generally if the cold temperatures were really of which bad. He advised that it ended up being horrible and that he sooo want to move back to the south if the opportunity presents itself. I guess I’ve got some thinking to do now before taking the position.

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Deciding on a new temperature control unit

My brother had recently bought a house with his wife for the 1st time. They had been contemplating the purchase for almost 2 years, and they finally built up enough courage to carry out the transaction. After moving on the house, my brother has invested three months into fixing his house. The house was in workable condition at the start, but he wanted to really spruce the place up for his wife. After spending all of that time renovating his house, he was finally glad to be done with it last weeks time. Well, he thought he is done until both his air conditioning and plumbing stopped working. I cannot see two worst things to occur in the home during the same 7 days. air conditioning is extremely vital to have for comfortable living, but a lack of plumbing might make for a bad day too. He decided to try to fix the air conditioning himself, but he was going to let a plumber handle other problem. The plumber fixed their plumbing issue the very next day, but my brother hasn’t been as fortunate with the air conditioning system. He went through a comprehensive A/C repair guide that he that comes with the internet, and he was already on step twelve without any results. There was a total of twenty steps to adopt, but he was really hoping that among the list of first couple of steps would probably fix the issue. He got completely to the eighteenth step before deciding to call a HVAC repair center. They scheduled an appointment for early the next morning. When the cooling technician arrived, he fixed the problem around ten minutes. Apparently, it was the next growth phase on my brother’s list that fixed the challenge. To think, he could have fixed it for free if he would have secured going.HVAC equipment

Cooling equipment

It feels like it has been raining every day, lately. I have not even had a way to cut my lawn in what seems like an eternity. Every time I tell my wife that I am about to take care of it, I look out the window and see a rain cloud quickly drawing near to. The very worst part about the rain is that I actually have to drive in it every day. While driving home the various day, it was raining so terribly that could barely see the roads. As I pulled up to your vehicle beside me, I felt really sorry for the man in the vehicle. He had a trailer with two brand new A/C units sitting on it. While the A/C units were securely fastened to the trailer, they were taking in an awful great deal of pounding rain. All I could carefully consider was how foolish the driver was for transporting these expensive air conditioners without checking the next wind storm first. I really don’t know whether he was an A/C computer technician delivering system to his shoppers or someone who had simply bought two new A/C gadgets for personal use. Either way, he was going to be disappointed once he finally arrived at his destination. I had told my niece about the poor guy traveling with all of the air conditioner units, and she merely shook her head at myself. I asked her what however, the problem was, and she asked people where our A/C unit had been located. I told her which it was outside as it consistently was. At that point, that dawned on me. A/C units are always outside and many times, in the rain as well. I guess the fellow was smarter than he viewed.

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Cleaning out the interior

My brother and his wife are the proud parents of five kids.  I became an aunt to one, first.  Then they had a set of twins.   And just recently, they had another set of twins.  And no one in the family has ever had twins before!  So they as a happy, active family of eight, they claim that theirs is the best of lives.  I’m happy just to be an aunt to the five kids.  It’s a good thing that his wife has been good at recycling clothing and toys over the years.  One thing they have had to deal with are the severe allergies of the two sets of twins.  They are not quite sure that only the four twins suffer from all these allergies, but they do:  dust, pollen, dogs, cats, and even area rugs.  So the whole family has had to adjust to the needs of the four.  But even with all their adjusting, the twins get sick so frequently that my brother’s wife is at her wits end.  Recently my brother removed the remaining area rugs from the house, but the twins were still getting sick.  So he called the local HVAC company and asked if there was anything else he could do to help the family.  The owner suggested a central allergen-removing air purifier and suggested he could arrange for a good one to be installed by week’s end.  I just came back from visiting my little nephews and nieces and I can’t tell you what a difference the air purifier has made.  The little ones are no longer running around sniffling and snorting!  . And my sister-in-law looks happier than I’ve seen her in years.


It’s all about climate control

My wife just had another baby.  So now, the six children range from one month old to 15 years old; one every three years.  And all of them girls, except the new baby boy.  So, little Bobby has one mommy and five little surrogate mommies.  It’s a good thing I have a good-paying, very secure job, and when my wife gets back on her feet, she’ll go back to her part-time writing.    We’re waiting with bated breath to see if Bobby has the same allergies that his mom and sisters have.  I’m hoping he takes after me.  We’ll be willing to let the girls have a monopoly on all the tissues and allergy medications in the house.  But this week, monopoly or not, my wife and the girls had a super strong reaction to the rapid increase in the local pollen count.   I got so tired of all the sneezing that I called a buddy who is an HVAC technician and asked what in the world could make things better for all the females in the house.  He had me look up allergen-removing air purifiers on the internet so I could figure out which one we could afford.  He promised to review our possible choices for appropriateness and even agreed to come over and install the one we choose.  Oh, and by the way, baby Bobby didn’t show any signs of being allergic at all!

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Ductwork cleaning facts

Twins run in the family.  Both mine and my wife’s.  So with five pregnancies, we ended up with eight children.  Three sets of twins and two singletons.  It’s a big happy family.   Everybody pitches in for the household tasks and as the oldest set of twins is getting older, they are even pitching in for meal time cooking, and that’s saying something – cooking for ten people.  The interesting thing is that the two singletons and my wife are the only ones who don’t have allergies.  The six twins and I are plagued with a myriad of allergic reactions.  After a particularly bad weekend, all the twins and I got sick and we were sneezing and coughing and rubbing our eyes constantly. sick at week’s end. Since our husband’s pampering hadn’t paid off and, on top of that, since some of the kids started getting sick, too, our love called a friend of hMyers for My wife got tired of bringing out new boxes of tissues every half hour, so she called a friend who also has kids with allergies to commiserate a little.  Her friend said they had just put an air purifier which removes allergens into their house and she really recommended that we do so as well.  Her kids have been allergy free since it was installed.  We had a brief discussion about an air purifier system, and I say, brief, because I agreed wholeheartedly.   We couldn’t get the system installed too quickly  for me, and all the twins have been grinning ear-to-ear.  We just crossed tissues off our every week shopping list!

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Air purification

We are the proud parents of six kids… Yes, that’s right–S I X. As a family of eight, our everyday lives seems to be great We feel like we belong in Lake Wobegon, where “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”  We  have decent-paying, fairly secure jobs, and our kids really don’t want for anything important. In short, you could say we’re living the dream.  Well, except for the fact that all of the kids and I suffer from allergies.  We are allergic to dust, pollen, and a whole bunch of other irritants.  My wife is exempt from this horror, she just goes along without any problems with the inside or outside air quality. Last weekend, I must have had a horrible memory loss, because I was out working in the yard all weekend and one weekend, without taking any anti-allergy medication beforehand.  Sure enough, by Monday morning, I was all stuffed up and my eyes were swollen almost shut.  I had to call in sick that afternoon.  I sent my wife to get some medications for me, but by time I started taking it, I knew it would take days for me to feel better.  The kids had been out at the park and by week’s end, they started having allergy attacks too.  This was getting to be too much for my wife to handle.   She called a friend who had recently dealt with allergy attacks in her family, and her friend vehemently suggested that we get an allergen-based air filtration HVAC system. Forget the cost, getting one of these was absolutely number one on our “to do” list.  We had one installed before the weekend!

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We are purifying our air

We are the the proud parents of six kids. Yes, you heard that right–six. As a family of eight, our everyday lives seem always to be great. The wifey and I have decent-paying, fairly secure jobs, and all of our kids are Honor Roll students at each of their respective schools. In short, you could say we’re living the dream. As true as that may be and as well as things tend to go for us if you ask me, there is still an area that is anything but perfect in our lives–an area on which the spotlight shines every year when the weather gets warmer. All of my kids and I have incredibly sensitive allergies. My wife is the lucky one in the fold, though, as she goes seemingly unfazed whenever allergy season comes around. One weekend, I was foolishly out working in the yard all weekend long without taking any anti-allergy medication beforehand. Sure enough, come the following Monday morning I was as sick as a dog and had to call in sick to work that day. Oddly enough, after taking some tried-and-true antibiotics, I was still sick at week’s end. Since my wife’s pampering hadn’t paid off and, on top  of that, since some of the kids started getting sick, too, my love called a friend of hers for advice since her household had recently dealt with a similar issue. Upon doing so, her friend recommended that we get an allergen remover filtration-based system. No questions asked, we called up the number she provided and had an HVAC team out to our place to complete the set-up before the weekend was over.air conditioning system