Shed with AC

You’ll find a small out-building in our backyard that we have used as a catch-all shed for the past 20 years. Most of our lawn equipment is kept inside the garage, so this little building had worn-out tools, broken bicycles and older outdoor furniture. I always thought it was a shame, because it’s a cute little building with windows on three sides, Dutch doors in addition to a good sturdy tin roof. When i retired, I decided to take pottery and took classes at a local pottery studio. I finally became skilled enough where I wanted to get my own kiln and start making pieces for local art shows and perhaps even to sell. I was trying to decide where I could fit a little studio in the house, when my husband suggested we renovate the little shed. I thought this was a perfect idea. We rinsed it out, painted it and put in tile flooring. We ran electricity out to it and decided that a space heater was all that I would need in the cold winter months. However, I would definitely need a good air-conditioning system as result of the heat generated by the kiln and oven. I didn’t want a window unit because I felt the noisy sound is distracting. After speaking with a neighbor that is a HVAC tech, he suggested to install a ductless mini-split air-conditioning unit. This would eliminate having to have a duct system and I can regulate the AC independent of my house. This has worked out perfectly and I need the cool comfort of my new studio on long summer days.

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When to change a HVAC filter

Changing the filters upon your furnace is an essential and important part of ensuring its efficiency along with maintaining clean air in your home. There are various types of furnace filters, and a mistake is failing to know what type best suits your individual needs. The efficiency of filters is based on a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), which rates efficiency using a scale of 1 to 20. You can find three basic types most common for home use. The most inexpensive are disposable fiberglass filters; their MERV rating is between 1 and 2 plus they generally cost $1. 00 to $2. 00.. They prevent large particles from dust and debris from collecting within the furnace, but do virtually nothing to keep the air in your house clean. Next up in expense are disposable pleated filters, with a MERV rating of 6. Such cost between $4. 00  to $6. 00 and will filter the larger particles, along with mold spores and dust mites. This helps with cleaning the environment, but they will need to be changed frequently, as clogged filters may harm your furnace. The additional filtering are also able to result in air resistance, meaning they can increase your bills. The final most popular home furnace filter is the disposable electrostatic type, with the MERV rating of 10. They cost about $10. 00 to $12. 00 each for standard size filters and they also trap both large and small to medium sized particles efficiently. They are a good choice for homes with young people, family members with allergies, smokers or pets. If you don’t have the owner’s manual for your furnace, you can check online with the particular brand and model’s recommended for that filter type.

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Doubtful on the heater

Year after year, my family takes a trip to the mountains together. We live in a very big city, and our camping trip is our yearly chance to show that we have some wilderness instincts in us. For me personally, I already know that I don’t belong inside the mountains, and I am perfectly content to stay in the city. While the weather is frequently mild, we were faced with a strong winter storm this season. Thankfully, we brought along a portable heating unit, and we connected it to the generator. I was doubtful that this heater would be powerful enough to keep us all warm, but I found myself too warm before the end of the night. I needed to sleep without my blanket covering me, as I was beginning to sweat. The heating system that we brought was about 40 dollars at the store, and it had an assurance on the box that we would stay warm. My wife took the heater home with us after the trip, and we actually make use of it on occasion in our property. There have been days when we have kept our HVAC system turned off entirely and used the convenient heater instead. I plan on writing a beneficial review of the product and endorsing it to many of my friends. I am sure that they will be interested in purchasing a heater which can be both cost-efficient and effective. Many times, products usually fall under one category or the other. I would not be surprised if the heater is sold out before the end of the weekend.


Keeping AC running in the kitchen

My dad is an excellent chef. He loves to prepare food, and he regularly invites us to his home for dinner. When I was growing up, I rarely saw my mother in the kitchen, as my father preferred to handle most of the cooking for the family. A week ago, we stopped by to join him for supper. He had grilled steak along with chicken, and we put the meat in tortillas. It was absolutely delicious, and I wished to stay there all night eating the meal. The deterrence to staying for a longer period was the temperature in his house. While he normally keeps the air conditioning running at minimum, it was way worse than usual during this last visit. I think he previously forgotten to turn on the fan inside the kitchen, and this caused the heat from the kitchen to spread over the entire house. Immediately upon entering the house, I turned the air conditioning onto the coldest setting, I also turned the ceiling fan on as well as the fan in the kitchen. Thankfully, we were able to cool the property down fairly quickly, and it made our dinner together even more enjoyable. Next time he makes dinner, I am going to invite him up to our home where I keep the air conditioning set to a much cooler setting. We also have tile floors, and I like the feel of the cold tile on my feet as I walk through my home. My wife hates the cold temperature of the tile floor, and she almost always wears socks when walking throughout the house.

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Waiting around for HVAC guy

I’m a single mother of three lovely children. While they are so cute, they have a plethora of energy and I can barely keep up. I wake up every morning at 5AM so I’m able to have a couple hours to myself. It’s very difficult to get some things done in the house before they get up making a racket. I always give it my best, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Last week, I thought I was actually going to have a break. I woke up at 5AM as usual and immediately realized how warm it was inside the house. My air conditioner wasn’t running. I went to the thermostat to see that my kids hadn’t messed with it, but it was still set to 70 degrees in the house. I checked the outdoor air conditioner component and realized that the entire system wasn’t even on. I reset the breaker to be sure that wasn’t the problem, but the air conditioner still didn’t start. I had to do something quick before the kids woke up. I called a local HVAC technician and left a phone message so they would call me back as soon as they got in. To my relief, he called me back at 6:30AM and said he could be over by 7:30AM. The kids started to wake up at 7AM so I was running out of time. 7:30AM came and went and the HVAC technician didn’t arrive. I called a few times, texted him, and left a message, but he never responded. I was panicking at this stage. Then finally, at 9AM I heard a knock in the door. I am not sure I would’ve lasted much longer with 3 kids and no A/C to speak of.

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AC died in the Summer

I absolutely love the summertime. My favorite thing about summer is the ability to barbeque. However, I don’t actually like the hot weather. I often have my husband do the barbecuing after dark, while I relax in our nice air conditioned house. Sometimes I go for a walk outside before dusk, but just as I said, I don’t love warm weather. So, most of the time I stay indoors sitting near the lovely air conditioner. For the fourth of July, we had some friends come over for dinner. The plan ended up being to barbeque our food outside, and then eat inside our house. Then we would make our way to the park for the fireworks show to drink some beer. When my friends arrived that day, things were going nicely as planned when all of a sudden, the air conditioner let out a loud screeching noise and would not power on. I tried turning it back on without any luck. I tried pressing each of the buttons, unplugging the A/C unit and plugging it back in, but nothing worked. Since it was a holiday evening, none of the local HVAC companies were open. I couldn’t have my A/C fixed that day. It was very hot outside and in time, the house was uncomfortably hot. Just my luck. I told my better half that we should at least find the fans and sit out on the porch in the shade. I was just going to have to deal with being hot for the day. I decided to crack open some cold beers a bit earlier than planned and attempt to enjoy the situation. It turned out okay naturally, and I realized that maybe it isn’t the worst thing on earth to be outside in the summer without an air conditioner.

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Hoping for AC when camping

Just recently my fiance and I went on a camping trip near the river. I am not a real outdoors kind of person, although I did enjoy myself on the trip. Both of us decided to just camp out along the river, so both of us could fish if we wanted. Both of us built a fire, but both of us also brought along a small grill for cooking meals. I wasn’t really cheerful about was the fact that both of us were separated from our air conditioning for so long. The nights in this section of the country can get quite hot, and I am not a big nature individual. I spend a ton of time in the house, working on my laptop with the air conditioning running all the time. I despise getting sweaty for even a few minutes. The only relief I could find while both of us were camping was getting into the river to cool down. Water scares me because I am not a good swimmer, so by afternoon two, I was wanting for my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C proposal at home. Other than that, both of us had a pretty good time. Both of us caught quite a few bass, slept under the stars, and enjoyed having some quality alone time together; Even without our air conditioning, the nights  were pretty cool and comfortable. As long as both of us remembered to put some bug spray on we were fine. Although I was looking forward to getting back to my air conditioner, I am entirely grateful for that time both of us got to spend together. I hope our next vacation includes an air conditioner though.

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AC serviced in kids rooms

All my children do is sit in their rooms and play on their laptops. My older daughter will listen to music, and sometimes you can hear her belt out some new pop song. I started to assume that if those ladies did not have air conditioning window units in their rooms, they would not spend so much time cooped up in there. I couldn’t believe that I was legitimately thinking about taking away air conditioning so that I would get the opportunity to spend more time with them. It sounded entirely un-parent like. But one afternoon, when the ladies got home from school, I told them that I had to have their air conditionings maintained and it would be the next afternoon before they could complete their inspection… Until that time, they would have to go without their air conditioning units. You should have seen the look on their faces. I told them that the rest of the house had central heat and air, and that they were more than welcome to join me in the kitchen and the 3 of us could hang out together. From the look on their faces, I assumed that was a awful idea, however a few minutes later, I found myself resting with both of my children, laughing to internet pictures and singing songs. Although I felt a bit guilty, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. That was the best day when I got the opportunity to spend a few minutes with my children and think they legitimately enjoyed themselves as well. Who knows when I would get that chance again thanks to their Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C units.

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Bakery HVAC

My beloved spouse runs and works in her very own bakery. She’s amazing at the job and makes the most delicious food. I cannot ever say enough good things about her fresh artisan bread. Honestly, I think that this bread is probably what the angels eat every single day. My spouse has a few employees under her wing, and most of them are really intelligent, capable people. They also make delicious food. There’s one employee, however, who seems to be one croissant short of a Baker’s dozen. This employee insists on monkeying around with the heating and cooling settings in the bakery. I know that my spouse is grateful that this employee just handles stock and the cash register instead of anything important, like cupcakes. The adjustments that this employee has made to the thermostat in the bakery have been ludicrous. Once, this employee adjusted the thermostat so that the heating system came on in the middle of July. He claimed that he was too cold and that he could not believe no one else was freezing along with him. On another occasion, he adjusted the thermostat so that the air conditioning froze out most of the customers during the middle of the winter. The first time he adjusted the thermostat in this way, my spouse thought that he had made a mistake. The second time, it was a bit ridiculous. I encouraged my spouse to fire this employee, but she told me that she could not do so simply because he made poor heating and cooling decisions. She did compromise by forbidding him to touch the thermostat in the future.

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. Library comfort

Life as a graduate student is never easy. I often find myself running from class to work, back to class, and then over to my second job in order to stay afloat. Please don’t even talk to me about finding time to study. I am pretty sure that I study the most on the weekend when I’m not working, but I also often catch myself lurking around in the library right when it opens. Usually, there are not very many other people in the library at that time except for the employees. Often, this means that it is extremely easy for me to find a little quiet nook in which to study and do some research for class. This early morning library time is also nice because it seems to be the time of day when the library is most comfortable. Once mid-morning rolls around, often students ask the employees at the library to adjust the thermostat. Students have varying needs when it comes to comfortable heating and cooling, and of course the library cannot please everyone. I find that the thermostat in the library is set at the most comfortable level for me early in the morning. When I have popped into the library at other times throughout the day, I have found it very difficult to stay and study due to the overactive heating system or too much air conditioning, depending on the day. I am glad that my second job is at the coffee shop across the street instead of at the library. I would hate to have to adjust the thermostat constantly throughout the day.