Storm and HVAC checks

I’m continuing driving down on one of the busiest highways in the cold northeast truly wanting to just get home during this freezing day. Ice is everywhere on the streets. The streets are so bad we may not be able to get into the city to get back to my job tomorrow. But right now, at this point, I just need to get safely back to my apartment. The heater in my car is acting up and not pushing out as much heat as it should be doing. Luckily, everyone is being careful to enable us all to arrive safely back to our warm homes. My apartment manager had just had a furnace repair performed in my apartment, so I know it’ll be toasty warm and comfortable upon my return home and I’ll sure be glad to be out of traffic in this freezing environment soon. The news has given everyone of us plenty of preparation time to organize ourselves for this storm but it certainly can still be unnerving. Thankfully we’ve been very practical in having HVAC repairs performed regularly on each of the furnaces in my apartment building.  I also have an electric heater for extra warmth. My hubby is home now with the apartment manager and the HVAC technician. He works for the apartment manager and they’ve scheduled a furnace tune-up for the   final apartment on the list just this morning. Excellent timing for the HVAC equipment check-up. They plan to meet again following this huge storm and discuss a new HVAC installation of some type. The apartment owner wants quotes and data to review as to which type of heating is best for the architecture of his building and each individual unit. Possibly an upgrade providing for heated floors? Maybe utilize modern-day HVAC technology like hydronic heating or even using a radiant heater system. In the meantime, my furnace, space heater and blankets can allow me to stay warm just fine.  Now I just need to get safely back home to my warm apartment.

HVAC equipment