Banning AC from the house

Last summertime I visited our good aunt and uncle down south. My parents wanted me out of the beach house for a couple of months. Since I job from home, I figured that the time away might be a great thing. I got to our aunt and uncle’s beach house in June. The weather in their neighborhood was scorching, however they had a good particularly working cooling system in their home. They welcomed me with open arms. My aunt would cook me dinner every night and our uncle would take me fishing at a lake near their home. I was really enjoying our time at their home. I was even thinking about asking them if I could possibly stay longer. But then at the beginning of September, their cooling system suddenly stopped working. The house hastily became genuinely hot and sticky. Without the cooling system, I could not do my fitness routine. I also could not focus on the job I had to get done. I started poking around and found a small fan to keep me cool for the day. I did not want to bother them while they were at work. When they arrived home, they instantly knew what was happening with the air conditioning unit. Apparently this was not the first time that the cooling system had stopped functioning. I hoped that they could get the cooling system fixed hastily, however the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation was very tied up. It took almost a month for them to get to our aunt and uncle’s house to service the cooling system.

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