Exotic pets and HVAC control

I happen to be a big time animal lover. I don’t care for the typical animals but more so the exotic ones. I’ve never been a dog person or a cat person for that matter. I never cared for rabbits, or gerbils, or even ferrets. This animal obsession I have has been with reptiles, especially lizards. I got my first lizard when I was a teenager, and my collection has grown steadily since that time. Now that I own my own home, I made sure to have a zone control HVAC system established, which has made it easy for me to have even more lizards! Lizards require a certain thermostat setting in order to survive. They also need a precise level of air quality. They need heat and dry air. I decided to install the zone control HVAC system because the device enabled me to have various thermostats. I could set the thermostat on the right temperature for the lizards. I could also set another thermostat for the rest of the  house so I wouldn’t be required to suffer in the lizard heat. Before I had the zone control HVAC system, I was forced to own these little heating rocks for the lizards. Now I no longer need to do that. They practically have their own HVAC system! Now I just keep them in a separate room, set the thermostat, and allow them to have free reign. Certainly, I don’t have many visitors to my little zone control HVAC system paradise, but that’s ok though. I favor the company of my lizards far more anyway!

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