No AC in the elevator

I work in a huge office building. It’s a whopping 67 stories high! I work on top floor, so I have an amazing view of the surrounding landscape. One of my favorite parts of my morning is taking that long elevator ride to the top floor. I usually come into work quite early, so I will have the elevator to myself most of the time. It’s a very relaxing way to begin my day. Last monday, on the other hand, was a nightmare. I entered the lobby of my business building, and could tell that the HVAC system wasn’t working properly. It was very stuffy, and I couldn’t hear the typical hum of the air conditioning. I didn’t think too much more about it, because I knew the HVAC system was scheduled to be completely replaced later on next week. We had already made the arrangements with our local heating and cooling company. The HVAC technician was to begin bright and early on monday morning. I walked into the elevator just like normal, and halfway up towards the top of the building, the elevator stopped! I began to panic as I have never been stuck in an elevator before. The non-working HVAC system made my frightened state even more serious. The stuffy and hot atmosphere made me feel like I was going to suffocate inside this elevator. After about 15 minutes, the elevator  finally started working. I was so grateful. The non-working HVAC system was really going to make the rest of my day miserable. After that nerve wracking situation, I needed fresh air! I decided to take the rest of the day off to compose myself and relax at my home. I needed my own air conditioning to help me relax. My health always comes first!

AC repair